I'm gonna need a guide but I don't want anything too chaotic

So I feel like crap, I’m not growing that much, and I feel I’ve actually devolved somehow. Immensely. I want to get back to my power. Who should I work with for this? Keep in mind I dunno how much bullshit I can handle so I’m not gonna go work with Lucifer and DEFINITELY not Belial, which is why I even posted this.

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Hey, Max. Honest idea? Try to take a look into other pantheons.

When I was trying too much with demons and whatnot, I found mostly frustration. A lot of that came because I was just starting and nothing worked (and when it started to work, some of it worked but mostly it didn’t).

Once I found the Greek I have been steadily doing better, if at a slow pace.

Best wishes.


sounds good, ill do that and maybe go for sumerian or something


Sweetheart… growing is not a constant line. You got up’s and some downs. Any skil, magical so mundane, has to be embodied in your neural system, in composition with everything else. If you want only growing and growing and growing… you gonna burnout your neural system.

Worse days are for rest, the same moments of boredom. And if you want check your progress check it as in business analytics, in comparison to similar time year before. There is no option you wouldn’t notice progress, if you work steadily, for a year.

Chaotic picture you are drawing with your post tells me that your attention goes into to many areas. You probably want too many things at once. Honey, you are a man not a multi task machine. Choose one skill, ability, modus operandi and train that for half year. Start with small things, never look after urgent needs, and while you will buid up your confidence try yourself with bigger tasks.


usually the transition between ideas happens undoccumented. I discover a pursuit is fruitless, or that I need something else, or that I’m too damn tired or that I cant succeed in a short time and my time is best used elsewhere. I’m just a little tired, skeptical, and lowkey afraid of commitment to any spirit due to past events. I’m just afraid.

but yeah you’re right.


Definitely you keep too much attention in your head and for too long. Move your attention into your body, let yourself experience variety of movements (if it is not available to walk or run, keep dancing or stretching, or excersise your core). When you get to the point of physical exhaustion (and excitation) your thougths will be clearer :slight_smile:
And laugh much :laughing: :upside_down_face: :wink:


You’re young, right Maxwell? And all things considered you are still a pretty new practitioner correct? (If I’m wrong I’m not trying to make assumptions but I feel I’ve read this about you). I first began my practice at age 14, starting with energy work, clairaudience, and simple divination.

It made me insanely ungrounded. A few here know the story but it isn’t necessary to repeat in full. I decided to forget about it for a few years, though to be honest I don’t think it was really my decision to make. Even then, I knew it would return when I was older and more ready.

As for Lucifer and Belial, they have both hurt me badly. Yet despite this, I will not denounce them nor remove them from my energy field. Why? Because I know they are my allies beyond a shadow of a doubt, and even if I could not see how they were helping me at the time, it is clearer now.

In short, you have a long road ahead of you, as do I. Don’t sweat the little stuff. What must happen will happen. You have done much in little time, perhaps time is what’s needed now?

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What a bout a human guide too? I am also all for the Greeks I adore them. @ReyCuervo really has grown since he started with them.


Before I give any advice, three questions: are you looking for a human or spirit guide? If spirit guide, is the focus just on teaching you how to gain back your sense of power or is there more? What pantheons are you already interested in?


Spirit. Basically just want power. And the answer to that would be the abragamic based ones and the sumerian pantheons usually get most of my interest, interested in the norse pantheons but never worked with anyone who isn’t odin

My recommendation is Balder I adore him but haven’t had any real experience with him yet,

So yea maxwell somthing that always helps my power levels when I’m doing magic is there call upon my potential just declare your activating your potential you’ll see some improvements. Another recommendation for spirit to work with for pure strive for power I’d say maybe Ares, then there also another one of my adored Medusa. Another idea for help in sustaining growth would be to program crystals so they enhanced you, and a new thought atm carry a tiny mirror in your pocket for easier interaction with guides.

Stop working with any spirit for sometime and do some basic training either go through Franz Bardons IIH or Kabballah Magic and the great work of self transformation by Lyan Thomas Christopher.

Demons arise of the subconscious mind (I also believe that they are separate from our mind so its a little paradox) and you have to have some sort of authority to work with them, be it the constraints from the goetia or your own magical power, which you have stated is lacking. (hence E.A. invokes omnipotence every time…)

You desire power/ influence? Why dont you become a banker instead and acquire money? Money literally means the power to influence outcomes to your desire.

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O just thought of a great guide from the nordic pantheon Mimmor I think is his name he was the wisest of all the gods but he was beheaded and cast down a well, Odin is said to of plucked his own eye out and casted it down the well so he would always have the counsel of true wisdom.

I want true power over myself. And you know the power I mean, right?;

So interesting…

What for you want power over yourself? What would you like to do with such power? How you imagine it will look like? And how you know you don’t have such power already? How you will recognize you got that power?

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Well, transformation. In the past I could transform circumstances in certain ways easily, now I can do it in other ways more easily but the more absurd ones are off limits, (i.e I used to legit change outcomes of crap I hear on the news, lately I did stuff related to politics and still do) which isn’t strictly power over myself but you get the idea

Then my emotions? My mind and energies? I would elevate them to as close to Godhood and further beyond I could get, assuming I had that control. I would elevate them to infinity. I would transform my life for the better, force my mind and spirit to learn lessons as fast as I want them to, etc.

A lot.

Sounds like you hit the hardest road possible…

You know that godself is ever present part of you don’t you? One of your three souls, the eternal and whole one… You can keep focus on that part of you and let it to channel bit by bit. It will transform you for sure, it will transform you from the perspective of eternal, omnipotent and omniscient you. If you focus your attention on your godself and relax/calm you other souls, it will work as magnet, and embrace you. No need for tention just attention.

But you do you, I believe you will choose what will be the best for you :slight_smile:

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The two books I mentioned will grant you that power no need for any guiding spirit.


Yeah, thanks, needed a bit of that insight