I'm gonna explode

Yes, I understand the title is click bait - however, I need some advice. There is a point to my madness.

I’m not sure why this is happening, as I’m usually pretty good with controlling my thoughts, feelings, and desires.

It’s been a couple of years (now) since I’ve done anything sexually with another person. I haven’t wanted to connect with anyone or anything else due to my own stupid fears. However, I’ve come to the point where masterbation is no longer fun nor does it feel like it’s helping at all. Porn has turned into a boring past time.

Yet, I am ready to explode sexually if I do not do something physical with another person. However - haha - I feel like all of the sexual energy raging through my body is making me more aware of how I treat others and it is making me shed the old skin.

:thinking: And then I’ve lost my appetite and I force myself to eat only good food. And my energy level depends on the day. My gym life is faltered at the moment. But will still dance/do cardio at home.

I’ve been trying to use the Law of Attraction on this. However, oh my gosh - has anyone else ever experienced this? Where they feel like they are a ticking time bomb and are going to explode if they aren’t physical with someone else?

Any advice helps on how to stay sane.


Are you doing a pathworking with a sexual spirit like Baal or maybe Asmodeus??? Sometimes its getting really hot


No, not really!

Just Ahriman at the moment!


I would suggest using all the sexual energy into a ball of energy or store inside some object. Then write a petition to lillith for protection and add the energies in it. Then go on tinder and find a fuckbuddy if you are into it. I dont have that urge so I dont do it but I designed it for someone who does.


It is time to use that energy to meet someone is what I tell everyone who has the same the problems as you do. When you just focus on self love and have video stimulation it isn’t the same as having a mate and is wasted energy that could have been focused elsewhere.

Plus a lot of high magick concepts involve being completely celebte, to include no self love. My old mentor went 5 years without sex and only self loved once a month to build up his energy (although he wasted it in other areas).

The concept of “no nut November is to get people away from screens for love pleasure and use that energy to find someone and live a more fulfilling life not dependent on screens”


Maybe it’s time to start looking for that special someone?


I know the corona times dont help with meeting new people and having fun but i completely know what you mean, girl…
Honestly, talk to Lilith she is gonna bring you the most compatible guy to calm your hormones down :wink::wink:


I don’t get the whole hype about having fwb or really a person sexual partner. Im still young (20) but have only ever had one sexual relationship with another person and don’t feel the need to have sex with someone else. Maybe it’s my trust issues and the fact that I’m already in a relationship (spiritual) plus I can manage my own sexuality/etc just fine myself.

I like having friends, close friends, etc but not into romantic relationships with people or sexual ones.

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