Im going to give you the definition and TRUE reality of prophecy

This information has never been known and was revealed to me some time ago.

The prophecy differs from dream in two ways. For a prophecy to be the real thing it has to be concretised BEFORE the event with a relative and accurate symbolic happenstance outside of the trance or dream state where the original vision was transferred.

For eg - Lets say you have a dream of an aeroplane crash, you wake up and as so many do allude to the principal that your dream was a prophecy. NOT so it was merely a dream and any plane crash merely a coincedence unless CONCRETISATION has occurred, in your reality and preceeding the actual event - IE the actual event cannot be the concretisation.

So you have woken up and had the dream - as above - you go downstairs make a cup of tea and you have sat down on your settee, on your wall is a picture of a plane, it falls to the floor. BOOM that would be a concretisation of the dream or vision in trance FROM that realm INTO reality. Only with this concretisation can there be prophecy.


I think I get what you are trying to say. I’ve actually had dreams where I believe was prophetic(although insignificant) and dreams where you referred to as coincidence.

It’s a coincidence that you mentioned airplane crash because that was the dream I had where it wasn’t, I believe, a case of concretisation. However I don’t believe it was a coincidence either.(airplanes don’t crash on a daily basis)I had a dream where I was in an airplane that was about to crash and I was desperately trying to find a way off. I felt very anxious within the dream. The next day I saw on the news an airplane had crashed which had 250 people on board. The event took place around the time I was asleep. I think my dream was not prophetic but I believe I did project my counsiousness to the frequency of the people who were on board the plane.

I fully understand your point but I personally don’t think a dream where you didn’t personally witness the event unfolding could be cast off as mere coincidence.

Kind of like a harbinger?

That makes sense but I do sometimes have prophetic dreams (mlst of my prophecies have come in a waking state) where this didn’t occur, but maybe I missed it, Interesting idea, I’ll pay more attention in future and see if this occurs, thanks! :slight_smile:

How about a prophetic feeling? I had an occurrence on November 14, 07. I woke up one morning with a bad feeling. Not from a dream, just a heavy gut feeling something wasn’t right. First thing I said to my Dad was “today’s gonna be fucked up.” We went to work that day and on the way back from work a cop got behind us and followed us down the road a few miles. He pulled us over in town and after the license and registration bit he said he was gonna bring the K9 over to check the vehicle. I surrendered a small bag of pot and got a summons to appear in court. The dog checked the vehicle and found nothing, then the cop checked the vehicle and found a pot pipe with pot in it. He asked who’s it was and our boss (who’s vehicle it was) came up with the most amazing line of bullshit “Oh officer that belongs to a friend of mine and he lost it and we looked everywhere for it!” Then the officer gave the pipe WITH POT back to him and sent us on our way. No citation for him. I still have a warrant in Lee County, Florida.