I'm going out to do the Eye of Odin!

I drew the Eye of Odin symbol, and I am now going out to perform the ritual.
But one special thing about it is that, I will use my photo as a sacrifice to Odin. Asbjorn Torvol stated that one must prepare “something personal to offer as a sacrifice”, so I think nothing is more personal to me than my photo.
Will it(sacrificing my photo) affect me negatively, or not? I don’t know. It’s up to Odin.
Anyway I will continue this thread until I finish the ritual. Wish me luck!


“I know that I hung on that windswept tree for nine nights, offered myself to myself, to Odin.” -Havamal


As far as “something personal” goes, I think that’s referring to something sentimental to you. But good luck nonetheless.

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I’ve finished, guys!
Feeling? Well, I don’t know what has changed, but a lot of sparrows came very near to me. Sooner or later I would know what has changed in my life.
Praise the Allfather, Wise in Magical Spells, Wished One!


Oh yeah I saw two ravens!
It seems they were silently watching me performing ritual.
But when I moved my feet to go back, they flew, appeared in my sight, noticing me with their cawing sounds.


Odin’s a tough teacher. Be ready to be in this for the long haul. It’ll pay off.


Can you please tell me what to expect from this ritual? I never heard of it before.
Thank you

If that’s the case he was definitely there. You’re in for a wild ride :wink:


Where can I find the ritual?

There is a free ebook on the balg site called “lessons of a young heathen” iirc

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Thank you

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I’m not sure about the photo either. Be ready to lose something in your life in the next weeks.
Otherwise good luck

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Did you get the results you wanted ?