I'm giving up

I respect spirits. I’m actually honest with them, as I feel like I do too much to get cool with them. If I ever upset a spirit. I try to negotiate with them to mend the relationship. I actually upseted Clauneck, asking for money through lotto a while back without knowing what he can or can’t do. I actually am planning to negotiate with Clauneck on what I can do to get his grace back. I feel like spirits are like us humans. They have feelings. Actually magick play that I do is through planetary sigils, like Jupiter, Saturn, etc


Spells always work, but the biggest blockage to them is your subconscious mind.

If you do a love spell on someone, and you consciously want that person; however, if your subconscious mind actually does not want that person; guess what, your subconscious mind will win.

Also, when you do a spell coming from a state of lack, that could block the spell from working as well. Always come from a state of abundance with the certainty that the spell has worked, and your wish is being delivered.

I suggest you go into trance, or meditate and check on your own subconscious mind to see what blockages you might have in your subconscious mind that stop you from having your spells manifest. Get someone to open your Akaschic Records may help reveal those blockages if you have trouble reading or communicating with your subconsicous.


I did an Obsession spell back in 2011 when I thought it was a good idea on this good looking stranger.

It worked, I got to know him and he was a total Misogynistic and abusive lying cheat.

It took banishments, moving house and all kinds to stop this freak from being weird and stalking.

Be careful what you wish for is my advice, The Love or obsession these things create can be way out there and the results can make the person act crazy and smash up your car and windows when you don’t want them and they can’t forget about you due to tying.

This is why I never do love spells for anyone including myself. I hate them actually.

Try making a relationship with a few ‘friendly’ Demons and build up from there.


Not gonna frown upon, just need to point out that it’s harder than it seems to influence a whole team. And if you want to do a good job, then you must spellcast for the opposite team as well. If it’s hard as a beginner to infulence 1 person, then it’s way harder (and more complicated) to influence 22 people.

I root this wholeheartedly for 1v1 sports such as kickboxing. Great way to see your magic on action. Plus kickboxing rocks!

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I’d feel almost bad… those people work their asses off, I’m not a couch potato but messing with their hard work, sat on my backside in the temple…?

Feels wrong. :thinking:


Of course they do, but a football player works really hard too, no? Whenever we’re messing with other people it’s the same: They do their thing and we are sitting in our temple trying to mess with them. :woman_shrugging:


But…you’ve only been evoking them for a few days…
Why TF would you lie to beings that can literally read your mind?
I mean…you already lied to the forum, admittedly…kind of seeing a pattern here tbh.

I don’t trust anything you say now.

OP, learn to be alone. Learn the difference between evoke and invoke. If you dont know the difference after a whole year, you’re not doing the required work. Do you do your meditations daily? Are you striving to evolve? Or just land a love interest? Because that kind of end goal is going to be ignored.

So no, I won’t cast for you.


True. I s’pose I have more respect for people who get in the ring 1v1, and actually fight… teams and overpaid prima donnas, not so much. :thinking:


That’s true, but every once in a while you could do a small enhancing spell for your favourite athlete and see up close the effects. Nothing too heavy. You get confirmation that your spell works and help someone you admire.


Love spells are probably the hardest to properly do.

Instead of doing love spells, try spells that increase your attraction. Increase lust. Make your life sweet. Love will come along.


Sometimes Guardian Spirits will let you burn if they think you’re being self distructive or just an idiot :wink:


Who lied?
I’ll agree, never lie to a Spirit, it won’t work.


Voodoo Walk did.


Perhaps some of my (both love and money) operations will work on a similar basis i.e. at the moment I’m in a spirital phase, using Hindu mantras, doing some angelic evocations…
Anyway I wonder if analysing situations and writing the whys, the hows etc. at the PC may be an effective method against self sabotage and in order to know what one really wants.

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I have gotten a idea. May be it is Spam but I would suggest you to try the rite which I have posted here:

There is no need of meditation in this case. Powers of the graveyard are presented at the place so there is no need to summon them. If this doesn’t help you can give up if you want. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t matter. More important shit to attend to right now.


sorry, hope it gets settle :slight_smile:

id like to help n dont give up ok pm me so we can talk

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Thanks for all the help and encouragement guys, I wasn’t even expecting to get a reply


Don’t touch my lasagne, I don’t eat them for a while and I’m going to bed really hungry after this post :sweat_smile:
(half past nine here in Italy)

Responding to the original post, I was in the same situation… I wasn’t the guy you refuse at first, but my insecure part used to win very often.
I made my reading with my tarot (the only thing I could make, I really wanted to summon spirits one after one but I wasn’t prepared yet nor I am now), and something very interesting came out: I should change myself and the outcome was a very importante change in yourself within someone by your side.
I am changed, and who is now by my side is constantly repeating me I became inspirational.
No love spells, no spells at all… just, motivate my self, some gym, some lecture to improve my speech and other intellectual stuff.

Sometimes we rely too often to magick when actually magick could be as Crowley said: magick is the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will.
Use what you have as best as you can.


A Parable

Lots of people perform wealth Magick and the Magick doesn’t fail - they do. Their brains have been programmed to fail, they force-field reject opportunities and money so their wealth Magick fails. Magick is about reprogramming yourself, which is inter-linked with changing the physical world.

Sounds like you spent energy, so if you give up now your Magick might have a chance. Have a think about that then.