Im gangstalked by a whole community! How can I stop them? Before it's too late?

Hello, my name is Michele, I am new to magic. I’ve had some extremely difficult events take place in my life that seemed almost like out of earth experiences including many strangers following me and basically bullying me around in mass numbers. Almost the entire community I’m living in seems to take part, including my mom. I’ve even had men whoo me over to systematically screw me over again and again since being alone has obviously made me desperate for any kind of friendship. While trying to figure out why anyone would bother to waste time or gas I realized they might think I’m a witch and so I decided to be one. A few years ago I also had some strange events take place with maybe what people call drones following me and I also had strange things begin to happen which I thought were haunting or spirits. A lot of weird stuff happens when I’m around and specifically if I get hurt or angry and fed up from being bullied. I’m not sure why and that’s why I’ve been very interested in this forum and EK who actually saved my life, I believe after watching one of his videos and using this in my own life it kept these bad people from getting to me, specifically “It stopped their feet”. I am here to seek out advice from the best and hopefully someday be able to have enough money to have a one on one consultation with E. A. Koeting. Thank you for any advice or feedback. It’s greatly appreciated.

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Call on bael and ask him to make you invisible to your enemy

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Thank you, I will do that.

Also avoid over sharing about any deep conspiracies or stuff like magick, I was targeted but things seemed to stop when I stopped acting scared and just kept my mouth shut. Get some close friends and enjoy their company, not everyone is out to get you although it may feel like that.

Every day that passes of my life, I realize more and more that the real demons are the Humans, with that animalistic arrogance they have shit on their head, at this point arm yourself with all points and defend yourself life my death yours


How do they bully you? And why do you think they do it?