I'm feeling feelings I don't understand and I want to know if they're natural

Sandalphon and I are training my sight. He says he’s known me all my life. Since I’ve been connecting to him today, I’m feeling this… weird love for him. He says I feel the way he feels about me. I asked what kind it was, he responded that he didn’t know as it never got the chance to develop as we never spoke (We couldn’t)

What’s up with this? Is this normal? Am I okay? I don’t feel wrong but I do know this is out of the norm for me.

Actually, it ends up getting a little emotional like this with most of the spirits I’ve talked to more than once, and more than once it’s often reciprocated and I’m just sitting here likeimages


Yup, all part of the process. For me Belial gives me many of those same feelings, to the point where direct work is hard to accomplish with him. I get all fuzzy and stupid and sometimes I can almost feel the face palm of “I thought you dialed my ass up because we were going to get things done.” This is normal though, you’re going to have deep instinctual or emotional reactions to certain spirits.


Thanks for the help. That felt like the case but I was mildly worried.

A few years ago, I summoned Amon with my black mirror. He was so handsome that I’m traumatized to this day.


lol you mean Amon the Egyptian diety or Aamon Marquis of Hell?

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Amon the demon who got me into Qabalah, well known in this forum for getting some people’s former girlfriends back


Yeah I get too attached to male spirits and deities I work with usually lol and then they just take a step back until I’m calm enough to focus. They’re like “are you willing to listen now?” And I’m like “yes, but also no” :joy:


Me but strangely enough with… Like… All of the spirits I have a good relationship with.

Except mepsitahl and I’m still confused about Gabriel

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I know what you are talking about. But try to stay focused.

Same thing happens with my bf. We hung out for like 6 hours last night and then i was like :person_facepalming:t2: we didnt even do the rituals but now its 1 lol.

With Belial hes always seems to be stroking my power and ego :roll_eyes:. “You’re a king, wow so powerful, you love working with this current huh?”

Def different after getting through his initiation phase.
It seems like he anoints me with power everytime I contact its lime bowing on me knees to have him say you were nothing now become all.

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i cant imagine having sexual feeling for an angel. I mean i could but thats more taboo than demons. At least with my JC background you can blame the demons because they are supposed to be sexual or whatever. But fucking a angel :see_no_evil:
Thats just naughty


Angels are fucking naughty. Don’t let them deceive you. I know.


I had that happen with female spirits so I was basically working with all spirits as male…but now Im bi so…

At this point I just deal with tight pants or squirming sexual flames in my lower chakras.


Missing out on sex magick rituals, are you?

Gee, that’s a shame.

If only someone were around to fill that void.

I wonder

Don’t mind me, I’ve just got a lot of pent up “action” from today.

Lmaooo definitely not.

Last night was all sexual play :fire:

Super hot and heavy and we didnt even have to take off our clothes…
Thats how you know its good 💁

Yeah what a shame.

I’m bi too lol, I just don’t work with many female deities, though I’m sure I’d feel the same.


Belial will definitely have you grow to feel powerful. He also has 0 qualms about letting your life strap you down and kick the shit out of you to keep you humble. The reason for this is becoming egotistical blinds you to things. Instead of everyone else lying to you and trying to fuck you over, you start to do it to yourself.

As far as a sexual nature, they will awaken your own. You will have reactions to their energy, and they 100% will flirt or mess with you if they can tell you are in that mindset. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being sexual, or having that reaction to them. However when it gets in the way it becomes a problem. When that’s all you focus on it becomes just another addiction, one that leaves you blind and easy to manipulate. Orgasm for the constant “need” of release really is a waste. Learn to channel it in other ways, or use it to boost yourself instead of becoming a slave to it.

I’m truly of the mindset that everyone is bi/pan in the right circumstances. Though people do have a preference for how they are turned on and how they like to express themselves within the sexual dynamic. For myself I really prefer a more agressive, dominant, masculine energy, regardless of the biological gender of the physical body most of the time. That’s because sexually, most of the time I get greater enjoyment from being able to be receptive, to just turn off my head and be in the moment while drawing them deep inside me.

This does change every now and then, but a very submissive, receptive, female energy generally has me reacting in different ways. If it does catch my interest, the entire experience will be different. And because that’s the type of energy I have a preference for in my sexual expression it’s rare I go that way.


Wow great reply I appreciate it a lot. We should talk more :ok_hand:

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Yes they are :slight_smile:

Belial has an extremely dominant energy I have found. And with me at least he is also very forward if there is any sexual energy in the mix. But I’m more chaos centered so ive always got that energy going anyway🤷. I prefer the more romantic daemons, but I definitely don’t mind belial every once in a while. He just can be overwhelming and super intoxicating… And @Maxwell my autistic ass thought you were talking about normal feelings…i was like oh i can relate to that title. :sweat_smile:


Also I agree that at least 80% of people are bi. I’m married to an exception. He has 0% desire for anything other than women…im an exception as a woman cause I like LGBT stuff. :sweat_smile: he often wonders wtf is up with my brain.