I'm drunk

128 Proof.

Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine Blue Flame.

I’m fucking hammered. It’s glorious. I can basically bilocate like I was doing true projection because of how hammered my physical self is.


Fucking amazing :joy:

Drunk Magick, ladies and gents, is the best


I just did a thing to protect a guy from a witch who was going at him. While drunk.


I do that shit when I smoke weed. Or when I used to, that is. It’s fun.


Crossfade that shit bro.

And I’m so drunk right now I can barely type.

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I’m enjoying being sober for now. I’m on medication that I can’t drink with but crossfading is 10/10.

Mfw when been sober for aeons, and you still have still less typoes than me… :persevere:


:cry:I use to :cry:smoke weed :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

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Weed gives me migraines.

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I can’t smoke anymore because it affecting my breathing. Plus if you lose your job as I have you have to wait months before you can go looking for work because of testing. When I retire I’ll get back into it but I’ll eat the brownies or drink the tea. Hell I’ll do both. :grin:

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I’m lucky enough to have work that doesn’t give a damn about that. But I overdid it recently so I’m staying sober.


You lucky devil! I actually had to choke back on drinking in regards to workings; for some reason I can’t do magick on anything other than ganja. I can’t even have a relevant spiritual experience on natural hallucinogens (i.e. buttons or caps). I turn into an insufferable looney toon. The ganja never caused a problem, though. Quite the opposite in fact.

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What kind of work do you do? If I may ask.

I’m a free lance writer and I work retail while I build my rep online.


Cool. :+1: