I'm confused with everyone's comments on Christianity

It’s not news anymore that Christian in was invented for mind control and brainwashing. Hell and heaven are both fake. And Christianity is just making pple scared of going to hell. If hell is fake why are we still scared of having “Christian’s” practice magick. I believe it doesn’t matter, after all it’s a lie. Another question is that working with demons is there a bad side, like asking for my life in return. I wonder why we call them demons. Organised religion Invented that term, how about we call them our fairy helpers

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i called them beings of a higher dimension, because that´s what they are lol


Some of you type like you’re deliberately trying to seem like you can’t read or write English.

And nobody cares about Christians, not even Christians. I promise.


Unfortunately, the biblical literalist conspiracy theorists are still around. There are plenty of cults that basically worship some dead guys dick.


It was the belief of the early disciples that Jesus was the long awaited Jewish messiah, and the initiator of a new covenant where morality is encapsulated by love.

Those in power will always abuse that power, and those in leadership positions within the Church controlled people to their own ends, like in all other regions throughout the planet that gained any serious political power.

There are real heavens and real hells, but the Christians only have a partial understanding of these topics. Nothing is permanent all things are impermanent, even the teachings of Gautama Buddha loose any authority after awakening.

But, there are heavens and there are hells, according to the Buddha, which are mindbogglingly long, but they do end eventually.

I don’t believe that anyone on this forum is “afraid” of Christians practicing magic. @telgega is a Catholic and no one batts an eye.

If you’re thinking of the sell your soul thing, that’s not a thing that demons want. It was the story of Faust and Mephistopheles that started that superstition, and that story is completely fiction, like Dante’s Divine Comedy. But, your interactions with demons will be completely dependent upon what you believe, because evocation is only calling upon aspects of your subconscious, so if you expect an evil being who wants to steal your soul, that’s what you’ll get. Likewise, if you expect a mostly helpful spirit that teaches you how to become a powerful magician, then that’s what you’ll get.

Yes, the Abrahamic religions created the concept of demons, and with very few exceptions, all the names of the demons are also created by the Abrahamic religions (mostly Christianity in this case). There are a few demons that reflect older Pagan deities, like Bael, Beelzebub, Astaroth, and Lilith, but for the most part they are OCs of Christianity. So, I don’t think that there is a problem calling them demons when that’s what they are.

When I evoked Azazel he referred to demons and angels collectively as “Jewish myths”.


Pretty sure Heaven is real, God is constantly reminding me.

Heaven might just not be what people expect.

The Abrahamic faiths are both simplified and very rudimentary by now, to judge its content based on the books and communities would be like judging a country entirely by a very old and inaccurate map.

Some people are Christian, some are not.
Some people are nice, some are not.
Some are accepting other faiths with respect, some are not.

I am by the way in the business of judging people and offer sarcasm where it is needed.

I am not Christian, by the way, I am Linuriel.


Religion served a point once, kind of blurry now as to what it could do now. I dont care about religious people.

The term demon derived from the word daemon, i forget what tribe, but likely the Israelites. The word meant spiritual helper.


Thank you very much for taking your time to reply. I appreciate it

Thanks so much for enlightening me

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Thank you so so much for breaking everything down. I’m grateful

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It could help if applied in a spiritual sense, but unfortunately most religious people tend to throw the spiritual aspects out of the window and focus on the political dogma and rules.