I'm confused about someone I like

Context: I have this friend that I used to always play video game with since middle school (like 8-10 years ago or so), but before last week we never really went out or talked outside school or games. We decided to go to a pub talk a bit and that was it, but we ended up kissing etc etc.

The thing is: I fell for him, but he’s confused about his feelings for me cause there’s another person that he likes… They don’t have any kind of relationship, but he still can’t move on cause the person doesn’t give an answer if she likes him or not (I think she’s just taking advantage of having someone liking her tbh). I truly believe that he likes me and is kinda scared, or doesn’t understand his feelings very well (?)

There’s any kind of spell or ritual that can help him clear his mind and make a decision? Or maybe a spell to make the other girl finally be honest with him?

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Sorry to say it but if you’ll start this as a second choice, you will always be a second choice for him. If you’re not willing to do a classic love spell on him, then forget about it.

In my opinion, he’s confused only because he’s not sure if the girl he likes, likes him back or not. If she does, he won’t be confused anymore. I don’t think you want to end up in that situation. The girl he’s in a relationship with because he can’t get the girl he likes. Sooner or later he’ll leave you for someone else.

He’s not confused about his feelings, he’s confused about his options.


Oof that’s harsh too read but makes sense. I’m not really into classic love spells cause I think they can be “tricky”. And the girl says she still loves her ex, but at the same time she says that “she isn’t sure”. I don’t know, it’s hard to admit that I think you’re right but I still have a tiny bit of hope, that’s why I wanted something to help him be less confused about things ):

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Been there, done that.

Don’t go for second best, OP. You certainly deserve better.


Really sorry again. I hope I’m wrong. If you wish, there are rituals for clarity of mind in Damon Brand’s books, Archangels of Magick fo example, or Demons of Magick by Winterfield.

Good luck,

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Thank you, appreciate the help

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