Im Backkk

Hello my lovelies(feel free to cringe at me…i do it all the time😉) after a hiatus from posting on here and going through some transformations, I am back.

Iv just gone through a lot of shit. Still going through shit. But iv regained the energy to come back here to the forum and participate. So much has happened since I last posted here, so much has changed. Iv changed. My interests have changed.

Have been reading through the forum though, during this hiatus of mine. Learning as much as I can possibly fit inside my head. The information i have gained has helped me greatly.

As some of you may know, in my journal I posted alot about various topics. One of my big ones was Lycanthropy magick and there were a few things about Beelzebub here and there. Iv moved on from that stuff as it didnt serve me or my desires any longer.

Guess a motto of mine is, if something doesn’t serve you or your dreams, burn it to the fucking ground. And thats what iv been doing. With my life, my relationships, my career, my health, and last but not least, my spirituality.

Im still in the process of doing so, and in time I’m sure my life will align with my desires. Im all for desire, love, beauty, magick, emotion, change, everything relating to the heart. And thus that’s led me to choosing to work with different entities and different forms of magick.

I have begun to work with Sallos and Lilith, their energy, and what they stand for, deeply resonates for me. It’s welcoming, it’s warm and loving. It’s feels amazing, and pure to me. Very soon im going to create a topic focused on my workings with Sallos and Lilith. So stay tuned for that :grin:

Oh and I’m no longer a single pringle :yum::rainbow: guess you can say im really tasting the rainbow now (this is why im not a comedian lol)

I suppose this topic is simply just a update on my life, and my weird way of saying, I’m back.


Congratulations on the relationship! Welcome back!

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