Im Back!

Greetings and Salutations.

I have returned from my period of isolation. While there, I have learned a great deal about many things. One of which I will share with you today. With regards to the pact I made with Belial, we had a fallout, I thought that was the end I had seen of him, but I quickly learned things were not so easy dismissed. When I began the pact I was a doe-eyed innocent young man hoping to deal with the trauma of my life, but I have since learned things that I would have never had other wised. While I had thought that I had kicked him out of my life, he was still teaching me things unbeknownst to me. The experiences I have dealt with have had a profound change upon my soul. I know view that human life has no value. While some will dispute this claim, it is irrelevant for I have far greater things to share. First, Belial, albeit brutally, showed me the cruelty of the world and in doing so I learned more from him than I have learned from all the years of formal education combined.

I have since adopted a new phrase to summarize what he has taught me, the most valuable lesson of Belial, one that very few have ever learned. It is the law, the one and only law that has ever existed in the world of Man or God.


ALL IS PERMITTED: Every action is allowed. An invisible hand will not come down to stop you from doing an evil act, nor will it likewise save you. All things in life are permitted, if they were not they would not happen. There are no safeguards, no boundaries. Rape no matter how horrible some may find it still exists, there for it is permitted. The same with genocide, racism, sexism, war, poverty, illness, and death. All is permitted for all things can happen.

NOTHING IS FORBIDDEN: The people who make laws are the ones who break them the most. Morality and Laws are a shackle not a mandate. Every person who calls themselves moral has broken some law. Although I don’t believe Jesus had existed, there were examples of him in the bible of doing some not so righteous things. Luke 19:27 “But these enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, bring them here and slay them in my presence.” So much for turn the other cheek. All people are hypocrites, All people are liars, All people take life be it an animal or a plant. Nothing is Forbidden for all laws are broken.

ALL IS DUST: The matter in your computer screen which you are reading this message is no different than that which is in your own body. All things die, you, your parents, eventually the Sun will die. When they do, they turn to dust, yes dust. Go on, pick up some dust or soil if you like, at some point that soil was living organism, be it plant, dinosaur or even man. Over 80 percent of the dust in your house comes from you own body slowly dying off and replacing new hair and skin. With enough time all things will die, even if they were never alive to begin with. All is dust for all things die.

So there you have it. The most important lesson that I have learned from Belial. For those who wish to understand this lesson more I would recommend readings about moral and Existential nihilism. Oh and anything from the Temple of Them or the ONA would be truly awakening. The world is your play ground, go on, enjoy >:D

-S. S

Nihilism, sweet nihilism!

Good to hear you’ve evolved!

Welcome back, SinisterShadow! “All is dust”, “Everything is permitted. Nothing is forbidden.”… More or less. As a (former) Roman Catholic, I was told all sins leave a scar on your soul, a scar that causes pains in Hell or Purgatory, and that the most you expiate and do penance on Earth, the quicker you’ll make it to Heaven. I now know Catholicism is false but some of it is true (because it stole from more ancient systems).

In Hinduism & Buddhism (systems I actually believe in and put into practice), yes, there is such thing as sin and the pains of Hell. Here’s a striking & shocking example, brace yourselves!: .

So, I would not say “everything is allowed”… Sure, the most disgusting and monstrous things do routinely occur on this Earth (just think of all the sordid crimes committed by jihadists, this year), people oftentimes have the power to carry it out, but if it ends up causing them to suffer the pains the Hell and beyond horrifying reincarnations… I would not say any of those things were truly allowed.

Here’s an account of what may happen to the Islamic State jihadists:
Islamic State human beings are lower than Ebola virus

Now, I’m also into Theistic Satanism, and yeah, Satanism is all about responsibility and self-preservation, sexual freedom and true spiritual knowledge. So, yes, one can defend oneself, stand one’s ground, experience intimacy the way one wants (among consensual partners), and all that…

But infringing on other people’s rights (what jihadists and politico-religious nuts are doing), assaulting, torturing, murdering, stealing and yeah, raping… Comes with consequences, even if one is into the dark arts. What I’m saying is you must know you’re right (and truly be right) in order to curse someone, for instance.

Finally, our souls and spirits are immortal. Everyone on this forum should know we’re all countless thousands or millions of years old… Human bodies might turn into dust but not the soul/spirit. The purpose of reincarnation (in many schools of thought) is to escape from the cycle of life and death and reach the Buddha Body.

I just came into this:

The UK is now censoring a wide range of sex acts from being filmed on UK soil…



Aggressive whipping

Penetration by any object “associated with violence”

Physical or verbal abuse (regardless of if consensual)

Urolagnia (known as “water sports”)

Female ejaculation




Funny, as so many politicians have been accused of or caught in “sexual sins”…

It has the value YOU give it - that is the eternal law IMO, and it’s true of all of us as we go through life, helping and harming in equal measure and usually without even knowing it.

Belial’s a great spirit but he’ll yank your chain and try to know better than you until you rein him in.

Just saying… :slight_smile:

It has the value YOU give it - that is the eternal law IMO, and it’s true of all of us as we go through life, helping and harming in equal measure and usually without even knowing it.

Belial’s a great spirit but he’ll yank your chain and try to know better than you until you rein him in.

Just saying… :)[/quote]

Agreed with Eva, and I will add…

I found that, in many “coming backs” on myself that the “absolutes” reduce the posibility of a “relative coming back” knowing that, its not pretty enough a Peter J Carrol word. Dont give value to the human life, supress the opportunity to define the human as the big crow of ALL THAT IS, so…if we are so “nothing but dust” why the Archons, and other entities are delighted to feed from out emotions?, souls and desires?..and in the opposite approach, why many black lords get the results and have good relationship with spirits, entitiees and other things?..

If you dont meet the “Secret Chamber of Secrets” of Belial, if you didnt find the Architect of the Samsara, if you dont find the explanation of “nothingness and return” you are happy with less, you are happy with Magick only, you are happy with just surpass existence into an useless delusion of totality-nothingness…

which is not the point…and the reason we are all on this business, is because we know that theres something terribly wrong with humans…a world of sleepers, including us in some point, we sleep from time to time, and it is ok…

Im agree with Bael about the “Illusion behind the Illusion” thats the reason that Darkness is an illusion too…

for whom are terribly happy with only destroy and go back home…

Its not a merit at all…

My point of view of course…

Good to hear back from you, just don’t stop evolving.

Nihilism is a necessary chasm to cross for a person of any intelligence these days, but the great burden and joy is to -cross- that abyss instead of remain in it. Value is given by creators, not inherited by us as creatures. Or, I mean, not to us as with others.

Just don’t stop, keep moving forward - you’re still alive so far, after all!