I'm back, sort of

Hey due to occult reasons I cut ties with any magic internet communities I was on until I was given the go ahead to return a couple months ago. Well I got that so I’m sort of back, before everyone starts cheering, I just want to make it clear that I won’t be as active as before. Unless its something really important or unless it relates to something I am trying to do, don’t message me about it. I got magical issues due to interacting too much with certain parties when I was here before and I have no intention of letting that happen again. So if your a certain person, you know who you are, I’m afraid even though I’m sort of back you’re still on your own.

Anyway, lets get to the real reason why I’m making this post.

In august a friend of mine who is professional hypnotist will be coming into town. We have been talking about conducting an expermient that combines magic and hypnosis to create a state of deep possession with a spirit associated with him.

However we need a volunteer for this experiment to work, below is the criteria you need to meet to participate in this.

  1. You either need to live in the chicago area or be willing to travel here, this is something that will be done in person so we need live volunteers.

  2. You should be someone who is very sensitive/susceptible to the spiritual.

  3. I personally don’t think this matters, but my friend prefers the volunteer be a woman since the spirit is female.

Good to see you defectron. What about Sevarn, is he also back?

Dunno about him, he was who I referred to in my post as I’m not really supposed to help him with his stuff anymore.

I found it weird you both departed from WF at the same time, I thought you were up to something toghether.

Anyway, welcome back.

The reason why he left most likely related to the reason why I wasnt supposed to help him with his stuff anymore. In any case I’m not supposed to get involved with that at all, so whatever reasons he had arent anything I’m concerned with.