Im asking for help

Hello all my dark lovelies of the arts.

I need some help.
I have been trying to do my own form of divination, and trying to ask bune (bim) for help.
But to no avail. I am in a situation where i need some help.

Now i will do most of the work myself. But here are my issues clairaudience is completely shut down. I cannot hear any spirits,nor understand them
2. I have a spirit around me which inhabits my mothers home. I dont know why but it loves to try to torment me in various ways. Ive seen its face and parts of his body but dont know his name nor why he is after me

Now the reason why i uploaded this picture is it reminds me of the entity that stalks me. Mixed with this download

Now dont take likely these hints. Ive tried to ask this spirit its name and nothing.

So if the community can help me with communication with bune (bym), and also help me with to rid myself of this entity who seems to be a trickster from what i can gather just from observation

My conclusions with this entity
1.thoughts of events, and scenarios with no outcome of the events.
2. No real communication,but loves to show his face when i show my anger and then he shows up and vanishes.

I need to speak to bune regarding finances and money,and quickly i cannot waste time on waiting or lessons from demons and they know this

I would hope that the community would help. Feel free to pm me if you can. I actually miss talking with all of you. Im just not on here 24/7


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First of all the banishing you could do yourself or with a protective spirit. Are you familiar with banashing, cleansing? Secondly wite down your request, meditate take Bune’s sigil open it and ask what you want. And talk about an offering (chocolate, alcohol), then meditate that you’re going to get it, already have it, spend it. You could have problem with interacting but imagine that she hears you. And after that close the ritual. You can leave with many thanks.

Other option listen to a guided meditation with Bune and inmagine the same as i mentioned above.

After that try not to focus on the works. If you have results give the offering in a second ritual.


It’s a parasite, I’ve seen this face a few times and many describe it equally as well.


I thought it was if @prince don’t mind I would love to add another parasite to my collection :smiling_imp:

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Oh and don’t try to focus on that parasite. It will drain you. Imagine you’re stonger.

Laugh him away. If you need advise in the methods PM me.

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Astral nasty. Destroy it. No guilt.

Learn banishing methods. LBRP, AKW, LBRH, AKW, PUSH, done.



I know its a parasite. Its just its name. I dont have and honestly it loves messing with me. I did provoke it to show itself though