I'm a procrastinator-I need help dealing with Stress For exams

Whether it’s magickal or not, I am currently in exam season and I am in dire need of learning how to deal with stress. When it comes to this time I cave in and usually fail because when I cave in under stress, I avoid doing the work

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listen to alpha/gamma waves when you study itll help a lot --> study music- isochronic tones + binaural beats

then sleep for 30 min. to 3 hours after --> you learn the most when you sleep

key point is honestly all sleeping (getting lots of rest) and studying first thing in the morning, if you sleep alot, youll handle the stress a lot better

Vapula and Asmoday should help you kill it, good luck


Thank you, I’ll take your advice and call upon Asmoday and Vapula if needs be as well

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Exams are in three weeks time as well.
First one: 14th of May
Second one: 18th of May
Last one: 22nd of May

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same i just tell myself i’ll do it later or just search for some kind of excuse not to do the work… self-sabotage lmao

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If you have connection with tarot
evoke tarot archetypes:
8 of pentacles for the work to be done in the correct way
and 10 of cups to avoid stress and feel better

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I’m going to call up on Vapula before the exams as mostly what I am studying is more philosophy based. Does he work well with King Paimon and Glasya-Labolas? I might even appease to Lucifer to help me out as well

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Hey Mani how did it go? I experience similar situations when it’s time for exams.

On procrastination: Time Management, Procrastination, And ADHD

Exams went realitively okay-I feel like I messed up big time on one of them but I can always repeat the exam again

Hope it goes well by the time you have the results, wish you the very best.

Thank you all for your advice. The results are in: I passed with flying colours. Using Vapula to help with some last minute studying and also using the Law of Attraction I managed to get these results

RE Early Church history: A
RE Acts of the Apostles: C
Media Studies: C
Moving Image Arts: B

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Wonderful, I’m happy for you :grin::blush: