I'm a noob can somebody please give me a list of people to make a wish spell for

I was starting to think about wish spells and thinking about spells for different things. I was thinking about doing one for money, one for love, one for fertility (for my sister) and a special wish for my friend to do with astral travel. Which spirits should help me?


The search engine in the top right of this forum will help you!
Good luck with your works!^^


Thanks very much.

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Ok,these are not “spirits” but Demon Lords, so i don’t know if that was what you was looking for, but Belial,Mammon and Bune are great for money works,
For Astral travel, King Paralda, but many Demon Lords can help with it, just my 2 cents, wish you good luck, hehe!


Is there one for ex love? Like if I wanted to get back together with my ex?

There is a place on this forum called “love spells,rituals” take a look there, i think you will find something to help you^^


Oh yeah, duh. Thanks

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You are welcome!:grin:

Also just know that these things aren’t instant haha, so don’t lose faith if it’s been a long time since u did the ritual with seemingly no results as negative energy can make them come in bad packages. Good Luck

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well shit, now I’m freaked out because when somebody tells you not to do it you always do it. So if I asked for my ex back would he come back but be a dick or something if I had negative energies?


Nah ur fine if you forget about it. I do that too