I'm a newbie

Hi since its mandatory and polite to introduce oneself I will start now.

I am a person who has been lurking for about a month now and have finally decided to take the plunge and start posting.

I am interested in all aspects of spirituality. I don’t subscribe to one particular religion as I feel all faiths have positives and negatives in them. I usually call myself a “Universal Spiritualist” online, but outside when asked I simply say “I like to keep an open mind”.



What is your magical experience, if any?

What types of magick are you interested in, and what are the goals or struggles you want magick to help with?

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I’m interested in all magick but I don’t practice.

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I completely agree with you there’s plenty of wisdom that can be used in each path
It’s great to keep open mind :+1:t5:

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