Im a lil worried

i have evoked lusifer a few times and i dont know if it whas real or not but i think i heard another in my dearms and i think i got so scard i may have insoled it

Don’t worry at all. Paradoxically you can expect bad things from people not for demons, ghosts and entities. Try to communicate with him and to ask what is the problem.

i cant rember the name but i can try thanks

:rofl: insulted it? Lol I have done this so many times in my sleep state! Kicked, slapped, cursed, hate comments, etc! I said sorry when I woke up! You weren’t aware or lucid so its fine! You cant control your reactions yet.

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nothing to be afraid of bro

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I don’t know much but you shoud aplogise to him for good messure

i did i think as soon as i woke up