I'm a beginner in LHP, and

People in this forum helped me so much to deal with my problem and didn’t judge me.
I created myself a secondary account on Facebook for “my other side”, you know
I joined a Luciferian group and told them my mistake & they were so rude
Like “you won’t succeed on this path” etc
Oh wow then I realized that here no one is rude and never judged, only helped
And I wanted to thank you all for your kindness & help.


Depends on the community and how much “group think” is going on. Right now im only on a handful of Facebook groups. Most of which people from the black magick of ahriman group lead me to so it is safe to say most of those have some sense :grin: hopefully :laughing: so far minimal to zero drama.


I peronally would advise against facebook groups! Usually because they have assumptions on how you should “behave” and if you dont follow their way of behaviour your outcasted. Same goes for spellsofmagick.com in my opinion because it was created in a way that ANYONE can post “spells” which was not based on actual results but just to fill the spaces of the website itself