Illusions (i think) are getting annoying

Ok, so ive been doing good in my workings and magick and life in general, been fighting, just now Ive been getting some bad illusions (i hope and am sure they are illusions) they are bothering me, ill keep fighting, but ffs, my damn health…can anybody give me a hand with this? @anon10524665?

I was about to go out too…ffs

I need some energy cleansing or healing, can someone help?

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gon go talk to a psychologist about this shit, even though they all let me down, maybe the meds can help, i dont know

Sent you a pm.

A solid diet centered around whole foods. Moderate to intense exercise a few days a week.

(In case those are not already being implemented)

Raphael is said to work wonders for health

Eh, everyone in the mental health community has their on opinion and experience. Some swear by them, other hate them. They worked for me for awhile but then all the proceeding meds were a bad match.

The psychiatrist always tell me “well you gotta wait X amount of months before you switch or we can determine if they’re right for you.” Like nah bruh, Ive had nightmares every night ive taken this im not about it.

Anyways best of luck

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Thank you bro

Yes ive also taken Risperidone or something like that, a liquid that was supposed to help with my nightmares, but it didn’t really work as well, actually it was worse, i still had nightmares and i woke up feeling like i had a very heavy head