Illuminating the Path

Keep at it!!

Will your wife understand if you sleep alone? If not, sleep with any kind of sensory deprivation you can manage. Sleeping mask, ear plugs, etc. Wake your self up every few hours to induce sleep paralysis if you can. Drink mugwort tea / apply a flying ointment.

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That is how it starts! :slight_smile:

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I have heard lots of great things about the waking yourself up at night method for ensuring your body is in the right state. I plan on exploring that here shortly. First I want to ensure I can create the state myself before taking shortcuts. As for the tea and ointment, got any shop recommendations?

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I forgot to add last night that while I was trying to induce the vibrations state. I was snoring my ass off. It was bothersome and hard to ignore yourself snoring while you are conscious. So any tips for this would be helpful.

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I sometimes have trouble when my lungs are wheezing. I found that if I tell myself, that when I stop hearing the physical I will know it’s time, that it was easier to ignore. Eventually I found that it seems like I tell myself that and then I’m there- so it worked like the snapping your fingers to drop yourself into trance thing does- as a mind program.

If it seems like it’s taking to long to get out of body (not related) I tell myself, soon I will be able to see, (like I’m seeing through my eyelids, or suddenly there, because this is how it seems to me when I get out.)

For some reason I don’t have issues with the tv on, or my spouse’s snoring or even a conversation going on right next to me, but I think it’s because I’ve had to figure out how to get passed the wheezing of my own damned lungs lol.

But the absolute most helpful item, has been the no mind techniques designed to make you hyper aware of all your physical senses. Vagal breathing is the technique I like to use as an instant down into that state cue. I find dropping into that state of total awareness, like the goal is perfect possession of your own damned body, is the absolute easiest way out.

It seemed like it would do the opposite to me until I tried it, but I’ve often read that the more grounded you are the easier it is to project, and this would go along with that imop.

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Just so we are clear. The posts I make about my experience with the Monroe institute will be heavily bathed UPG. You’ve been warned. Welcome to how I see things.

I’m not going to talk about the exercises we did to introduce yourself to new levels of consciousness. How those worked and the process you went through to achieve that. You can find that in another post I made about the gateway voyage. Instead I will add some entries for the experiences I had during their exercises.

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Tea is easy; mugwort can be bought at any local tea shop.

I love Belladonna’s Botanicals for ointments/ oils because she actually lists the ingredients and has videos about her products and how to use them. So many shops / sellers do not do this and that is horrifying! I have I have been using her stuff for years. I have heard good things about Banefolk as well.

Edit: she also has tinctures, like “Flight of the Witches”, that can be dropped into tea. I have found mixing ointment and tincture to be too “confusing” for my nervous system. I just get disorientating dreams.

If you want to talk to her : @BellaJennyfur

If it is just sound, noise cancelling headphones could help. If it’s the act of snoring itself I don’t know :frowning:


Illuminating path is beautiful, Skysafari 8 maybe a nice app.

Late night oobe update.

I went to bed trying to find the right wave and file to play intro to 15 because it will take you to 15 and back to 12 numerous. I wanted that so I could boost my feelings for what it’s like going into 15.

So I started my 35 minute audio and by minute 3 of nobody talking but hearing audio queues in the back ground I was able to determine that this was not the intro to 15 but instead was a free flow with 0 guidance.

I went with it and tried a few different things to get myself down into a meditative state. I started feeling the heavy feeling in my toes. I tried instead to induce the vibrations state then. I tried grabbing the vibrations from above and and front of my head but was never able to feel any thing. I tried a different audio track but was still unable. I’m not sure if I’m not in deep enoUgly or what. It’s my understanding that once you are in a deep meditation you should be able to then induce vibrations to put your body to sleep. Not have to put my body to sleep then call on vibrations or am I wrong?

Either way. 3 audio tracks and 0 vibrations. Plus is I got pretty damn good focus. Fingers crossed for next time?


You do not need to put your body to sleep to induce vibrations :slight_smile:

It may be easier to generate them once you are used to feeling them.

It may also happen that you try for obe, fall asleep, and then wake up in a vibratory / paralysis state and can exit then.


You also don’t need vibrations to get out, I rarely feel anything I would describe as vibrations, but I have often found that brushing my own energy, feeling it move around me, seemed to help me be patient until I’m in the spot where I can just move.

I still do it, even sometimes when I use the vagal breathing and I’m focus on not being focused, but rather just feeling and sensing. One thing I read and do sometimes is intentionally listen for my heartbeat.

Once I hear/feel it I ask if I can feel it in my toes, then I wait… and sure enough I can. How about my elbow…

Basically it’s an energy bounce- going from one body part to another but it’s focus is on the inside of your body, thusly making you more here. If I can’t easily bounce to a distance appendage for some reason, I’ll instead take it up my arm or neck or someplace closer and work my way back to the place that didn’t respond- and it will when I get there.

Being more here makes the exit easier for me, that how grounded/ perfect possession of one’s body that I mentioned, which seems contradictory yet actually allows you easier access to your own energetic and spiritual bodies.

I think because of this it shifts your mind right to where you need to be to get out, to the energetic and spiritual bodies that are yours, rather than waiting for the body to sleep while you try to keep the mind aware so that you take charge of these.

Idk I wish I’d personally found this method I am using to start with, it’s much easier to learn to perfectly possess your physical body long enough to leave it, than it is to learn to separate the physical from the energetic and spiritual, which feels like what normal schools of thought on obe do.


I use a similar technique I picked up from a book that dk recommended a long time ago. And I fully agree, it works wonders!!

I’ll add this one to my toolbox. I typically do the opposite and try and push that sound away. I’ll try focusing on it instead then try moving it. Reading this sounds very similar to the steps to bring on the vibrations. I say vibrations but it feels like a huge surge of energy to me that rushes through me.

This would be charging the energy body. You’re basically confirming my steps for me are accurate. Tyvm

I have been looking into this method as everyone I see says it’s so much easier and I do intend on using it to its fullest. I would like to understand the full process first before I take shortcuts. I’m getting rdy to order the mug worth


So no new news to update on the oobe process. I apparently have been sleepy recently.

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I bought a new toy last week and have been able to use it a few times. I’m gonna need to do some research on what all the data actually means but it’s still fun to track my meditations

Also just a very interesting leaf.


So I’ve been collecting more paints and canvas as well as new brushes. I’m gonna start getting back into my pour painting as well as just regular old painting. I’m going to try and put down on paper who and what I see what I travel.

Side note, I went out with my highly religious brother tonight. He called me out of the blue and wanted to chat. I ended up telling him all my experiences and everything I’ve been doing for the last 4-5 years. I was prepared for the worst and was pleasantly surprise by the response. My highly religion Baptist brother told me to work more with Lucifer…. He said he can clearly see that there is no evil in my words and that I believe he isn’t trying to hurt me. He told me to jump all in… I was not expecting that.

He ended up asking me to help him with meditation, he wants to talk to my psychiatrist to start some trauma work and anger issues. He also wants to try the Hemi-Sync program so I’m gonna help him through that….

Wtf is going on with this world… did cern kick us into a better dimension this time???

Oh yeah… I’m drunk as fuck lol good night everyone I hope you all have an absolutely blessed day tomorrow.


As I’ve said I’ve been working on mundane matters and as of today. It’s worked out, I finally got my va benefits rating back and I’m finally at 100%. I am officially retired as of today. Now I can focus more on the magickal side of my life more.

My next goal @Keteriya ive decide I want to learn to activate my kundalini on command. So I will be getting some beginners books for yoga and so on. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.


Congratulations!!! :sparkles::partying_face::boom:


Thank you very much! I’m in such an amazing mood today!


Other people will disagree with this, and experience varies by person, but I have found sobreity to be a huge factor in yoga / qi gong / energy work. There are adepts who would disagree. But for me, it makes a monumental difference.


I’ve been telling myself for the last 3 years that I need to quit smoking weed. I’m still telling myself I need to quit smoking weed lol.