Please I have heard much theory about this Illuminati and most people have been scammed, there is a lot but to cut long story short

Is Illuminati real in some other countries or is just fraud everywhere

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C’mon, use some common sense. IT IS NOT REAL

There are small groups here and there that call themselves the “Illuminati” to give themselves an air of self importance and mystery, but none of them are a world spanning conspiracy. To be honest, the majority of them probably meet in their mom’s basement.

The fact is, the original Illuminati wasn’t even a world spanning conspiracy. It was nothing more than a group of local rich guys who wanted to influence local politics. Nothing more.

Sometimes I think scepticism and critical thinking just go right out the window when people get involved in the occult :roll_eyes:


Darkest knight you are so right, in fact ended Up tricking them, I called them right now and they are asking for me 42000 for registration. Just see this hell to Illuminati forever

I got a DM on instagram from the " illuminati" saying I had been chosen to join them. When he asked me to communicate via whatsapp rather than ig I refused and was told my heart wasnt ready and I was holding myself back. The only reason I replied at all was because i wanted to see how long it would take before he asked me for money.

I was contacted too and asked for my email. I asked 1000 bucks in exchange. Didn’t write back. I wonder why.

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Illuminate is just a load of bullshit, nothing real about them, because have tried many times, They scame my money

We are the Illuminati! Lol

Closest thing are the Freemasons, whom I had the opportunity to join and still do, but haven’t acted upon yet, which still isn’t even remotely close in public views of “illuminati” :joy:

oh they exist, but this post is not it :rofl::rofl::rofl:

who can connect me to real Illuminati as you claim, anyone who can just pm in privacy

Yeah…no, they don’t. I call BS on that.

Oh, grow up. They’re not real, and even if they were, no one on this forum or anywhere else would drop you a line to them. The whole shtick about the Illumi-nutty is that they are a super secret cadre of uber powerful and influential people. No one here would qualify, and definitely not you.

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Here’s a link to something that might interest you :slight_smile:

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We’ll it’s on topic so I’m curious :slight_smile:

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ill pm you

Yeah, I don’t believe you. A lot of people claim bizarre things “in the astral” so I’m sceptical. But to each their own.

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irrelevant, I do not say these things for any other reason than to share knowledge, but I met them, there is no doubt in my mind by what happened, I met a lot of powerful beings and people from both sides of the spectrum, but I get why it would be difficult to believe, after all, who am I that the illuminati themselves took their time to seek me out, right?

No. I simply don’t believe the nonsense that the Illuminati exists. :man_shrugging:

I know, because it is diffuclt to believe, but my experience is fact, all of my metaphysical experiences are, so it should at least instill some curiosity in you when you hear these things, but again, it is irrelevant, theres not much anyone can do about them right now, my hope is that my spiritual family will come back to restore order

Actually, they are not fact. No one’s metaphysical experiences are fact, not yours, not mine, not EA Koetting’s. They are what we here like to refer to as UPG, or unverified personal gnosis.

When the Baphomet merges with you to take your energy and rapes you, that is NOT unveriefed bs, that is a very serious very bad experience