Illness control panels!

I thought of an idea and I’d like your opinion on this

So remember J.S’s video on the ritual with the corona virus sigil….to ally with the virus.

He said he thinks viruses have consciousness and I 100% agree with him.

So! This gave me a potentially amazing idea!(maybe someone else thought of this but still sounds brilliant!)

Maybe I could make sigils for other illnesses then! Such as the flu! Or the common cold even, and you could do all sorts of things with the sigils you’d basically have a control panel for these illnesses!

-cure yourself
-cure others
-infect others

Or even make yourself or others immune!

This could be healing tools as well as multipurpose for baneful works cause imagine being able to not only cure the flu…but give it to a victim… idk how that would work if they were vaccinated already maybe I could make something work out.

But obviously some illnesses can’t be cured like diabetes ect they can be treated.

So something like a diabetes sigil or something like that would probably be only usable for baneful works, maybe you could make a diabetes sigil that can also regulate blood sugar levels to where they need to be in a diabetic…would be cool all around

A grimoire FULL of Disease and other illness sigils that can not only cure and treat stuff or even make you immune to them but can be used for baneful works to infect someone! As I said a full on control panel for illness and viruses of all types!

Maybe I could have a spirit like Marbas assist me in some of the sigils…what do you guys think!?:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: this could be very helpful as well as baneful depending on how you want to use the sigils…:slightly_smiling_face: