Ignition Of The Black Sun

So I was wondering about the rite in chapter two The Igintion Of The Black Sun the one you can intergrate sungazing with. Is it possible to read from the book in the beginning while doing this rite? And memorize it over time?

From personal experience, yes.
I feel that if you can connect with the energies involved well, that the connection should be what’s paramount. As long as you maintain a sensation of connection to the Div involved (Div’s doesn’t look Correct) that should be all you really need. Frankly the effect of sungazing with the Ignition is absolutely amazing.
I will add on that I’ve always been good with energy manipulation in general, so perhaps take my response with a grain of salt.

Ill try it out! Im just horrible at memorizing things specialy if they are lengthy. Ive been told for rituals you can read of paper but I wasnt sure if i could do it with this rite.