Ignition Of The Black Sun

Ok. So I just performed the Ignition Of The Black Sun and I feel my solar plexus chakra on fire. It’s like it woke up and turned on for the first time. I’m still felling a little high and a very subtle tremble or nervousness, like the receiving of a degree of initiation of some sort. I have definitely made contact with these powers.

It was very subtle at first but then it turn on fire.


From the very first time I’ve discovery Kali, I discovery that one should start with one’s own heart. Heart burning hot enough will transform into that prefect jet coal, the Kali’s prize.


I’ve experienced a very similar thing, but I haven’t performed the Ignition of the Black Sun yet. Just remember to breathe it in and let it flow through you. Don’t try to force it or tighten up … just relax into it and breathe. It will help with the jitters.


The Ignition of the Black Sun is ones first initiation into the current. It is an act of preparation for upcoming work. What you are experiencing are adjustments to the subtle energy bodies. The nervousness is the corporeal self and ego resisting that said change. Keep at it for 40 days. The sun gazing will help to feed the inner divine light as the darkness permeates your essence. It is not NEEDED, but very much suggested. If you can stick it out as an act of devotion to personal empowerment you are on your way to powerful transformation.


Cool. How does this work re-act with other currents like Goetia, Voudon, etcetera?


It is compatible with any external current however some currents may be rougher to work than others. Primal Craft for instance (which I respect highly because I just like the asshole who writes the books) is about devotion to the Primal Gods while this current is about devotion to self. You can choose how deep you get into this current.