Ight I'm back

So I figured I’d just have this account in case I’d need it ever. I was on this forum before but got it suspended at my request because for some reason I don’t remember I didn’t want to be here. I’ll keep this one though, I promise.

I can re-open that one if you prefer? :slight_smile:

You didn’t have many posts:

Shoot fr?

What does that mean? :smiley:

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fr=for real

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Do you want the old account opened, yes or no? :slight_smile:

It’s ok. I guess this will do. Thanks though.

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Okay, I’ll link your former intro here so folks know who you are. :+1:

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Can I be Nostrildamus AND Iam Incide and have an argument with myself in a thread?

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Not unless you also film it, and give the loser a good slap at the end. :+1:


Imagine the cluster fuck with all of my profiles?

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Yes lol.

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*me creating a bunch of the same thoughtform and leaving them alone

I’m boutta head out. This place is a damn mess.