Ifa Odu about selling your soul

I was talking to my godfather in Ifa. I asked about celbrities that sell thier souls. Thinking it was bullshit. He said no my godson. That real Ifa talks about it in an odu. In Ifa the devil os Albeta. A man came to get a reading from Orulmila. He is the diety pf divination in Ifa. The man wanted a successful business. Orula said go to the mountain find a rock and feed it. Then bring it home with you. That will help u get ur business. The man went to the mountain and found a rock he said to himself this is bull shit. Id rather sell my soul to Albeeta to get what I want. Albeta appeared and said you called? You want to sell your soul? The man said yes I do. Albeeta said take this rock and feed it. Bring it home and every time you want something ill tell you what to feed me. The man took the rock hime an 2 weeks later he had his business. After 6 months he wanted another business. Albeeta said feed me a rooster. Every time he asked the animals gor bigger. Feed me a rooster feed me a goat. Feed me a dog. Finally after 3 years the man was a famous billionare Albeeta came to the man and said well ur a bilionare now. The man interupted him and saod yeah i have everything i want. So I dont need to feed you anymore. Albeeta said no actually you do. He said now to maintain what you have i want you to feed me a dog. The man said ok ill get a dog from the pound. Albeeta said nope not gonna work. I want your dog. The man said no i love my dog. Albeta saod well if you want to keep what you have i want your dog. So the man fed Albeta his dog. 6 months later albeta comes back and says to the man its that time again im hungry this time i want a human. Ill take your wife. The man said omg i love my wife please no. Albeta said well if you want to keep what you jave. I want your wife. After 1 week the man gave in and fed his wife to Albeeta. Finally after a year Albeeta came to the man and said now i want your son. The man said no this os where i draw the line.the man decided he didnt need Albeta any more. He had billions and was famous so there was no way he could go broke. So he took the rock to the mountain and threw it up in the air the rock landed on the ground and broke into amilliin pieces. Then a lion came out pf nowhere and ate the man. Orula warns us never to sell your soul or make deals with the devil because you will always loose. Something to think about.


Awesome story.

Thats Ifa.

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What’s lfa?

Ifa is the religion that encases all the atrs at the top.
The priest of Ifa is a Babaluwoo its means father of secrets. A Babaluwoo has licenss to work all religions. They are basicly a high priest of all religions. But in the system of Ifa they work work with all the orishas. The main diety of Ifa is Orula the oracle that the Babaluwoo divines with for the client during the consultation. Readings in Ifa are very accurate. But Ifa is very powerful. In my opinion ifa is the most powerful witch craft on the planet. Thats why Im all about Ifa.


Sounds wonderfully rich. Thank you.

Beautiful story and a well hidden message I might say, thanks for sharing!

Thank you for posting this, Jaysalamone!

where can I get more information on this?


Recomendations for what? Get a reading from a Babaluwoo.

That’s deep…Odu talks about everything!