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Take Q talk to PM please, lest it invite politics into this topic. :+1:


Be concerned with China.
Google Facebook and Apple are already siding with China.
These companies don’t care about your free speech.
China has literally locked up Thousands of Muslims , Buddhists and Christians in concentration camps.
Yet US news is on a constant attack on our president.
Portraying him as Hitler.
Don’t want this to be political, just wanna talk about recent activities.

To me in my opinion,
China is turning into The Red Dragon from Sumerian lore.
The Uroboros.

How convenient that China run under a system of complete State control.
Atheistic in nature.

Marduk save us!


@Hermes are people invited to PM you to take this further? Help me out here guys, this is the rule, no exceptions, period.


The discussion of global agendas, population control conspiracy theory, FEMA camps, Chinese takeovers, and Israeli banks for whatever reason tends to become very political very quickly. I personally don’t partake in these kind of subjects, I’m only reiterating what lady Eva said. I’ve seen politics turn the best of friends into the worst of enemies, I’ve seen politics destroy relationships, and I’ve also seen politics divide entire communities. Let’s not do that to ourselves around here. I’m nobody within become a living God, but I do recognize how bad things can get whenever politics come into play.


Many of us on here are committed to political workings, myself very much included, BUT they just can’t be discussed on the forum, it’s all been covered at [Peace Treaty] Community Unity - No More Politics. Take things like that to PM and you can as the OP in that link describes, place something in your forum profile relevant to that, which people will see if they are interested. :+1:


I am not reading politics into the OP and will remove further attempts to add politics to this topic, TAKE IT TO PM.


I know the rules, if people want to get themselves into fights, and become bitter enemies in private messages, they’re more than welcome to do so.

I was just expressing my opinion on it.


I try my best to be as objective as possible.

When issues of Humanities end are brought up you have to be honest and speak what you feel.

If not you are just censoring your self.

Things do look a little bleak.
Although, as much of a Satanist that I am;I trust in the goodwill of mankind.
Even though mankind doesn’t deserve it.


We’re all gonnaaa diiiieeeee. Truth.

Why don’t we talk about…spirit hierarchy politics instead? It’s always me me me, but what about the stuff going on in their world? Mmm?


I agree.
What is Ba’al teaching his followers now in days?
Noticed a huge following with Belial and Baal lately.


Belial pretty much hates the systems of de-sacralisation, spiritual destructions, and mental enslavement that have issued frorth from monothiestic religions. :man_shrugging:


It’s been a while so not sure.


I don’t think that’s completely true, like you’ve mentioned with things like theogenesis.

The de-sacralisation, spiritual destructions, and mental enslavement have happened because the main monotheistic religions (except Islam) have tried to cater to the new “times” so to speak.

This as well as infiltration from atheistic regimes with intent on corrupting, homogenizing and demoralizing.

In my opinion monotheism took over because the people of the ancient world thought it was a better idea compared to the polytheism and pantheism they had at the time.

Logos of Ophiel explains this rather nicely.


I think the main three are gonna get their karmic retribution.


The goal of many pagan religions was for some humans to ascend to godlike status, it’s attested in legends and it’s possible that this synchs with the goal of certain more esoteric forms of Xianity (Russian Orthodox for example, and the model provided in Catholicism of the saints) to command god-like powers on earth, though under certain moral contraints… it;s a grey area.

It’s possible Jesus was a magician and was using methods from the syncretism that existed at that time in the Med. basin. Self-identifying with a god, which becomes THE god for the purpose of the ritual) exists in the PGM and is found in many locations where magick and religion cross over.

Magick busts the grovelling-on-knees model of religion.

The Bible is very clear on the thou-shalt-nots that restrict access to ancestors, and divination, and casting spells, almost any other psychic ability tends to get shitcanned along with those by its believers.

Check https://www.openbible.info/topics/witchcraft


The bible is very positive toward magic and divination.

In Genesis 1:14, God even said that one of the purposes of the stars is as “signs.” And that is all that astrology uses them as.

it was mostly against necromancy because it was seen as unclean spiritual speaking (and physically), these religions had a large emphasis on purity.

They were also against fatalist astrology that negates free will.

The Thou shalt nots were in reference to sorcery or Pharmakeia which meant druggery and poisoning, magic and the word sorcery have been wrongly tangled together.


Specially since all three believe in it in one form or another, they’re trapped in the cycle.


sleep dep replies Actually it goes a bit more beyond that, but these are things I think would not belong here. That being said, wake up to the smell of the microchips - er - coffee. Have a sit at the table and get your umbrella, cuz a storm already started to hit.