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Our fate lies in our own hands, all of it - here and now

(since it’s quite long I divided it up in parts (/) making it easier for you to read)

Hi there -

After doing some research, I found out that there’s a still ongoing plan to decimate humanity at large.
Some of you may say, I don’t believe in conspiracy theories - well let’s say, I’m into conspiracy facts and though you are free to do whatever you wish at all times -
This is about groups of people that already have, are right now, and will continue doing what they are doing until they are no longer able to do so - they live for it and their goal is absolute global enslavement and massive death, and absolutely have zero intent nor care, nor respect for you if you are for the preservation of the human race at large, or the planet, nor anything alive on the planet.

“Si vis pacem, para bellum”

‘If you want peace, prepare for war’
(for in this you can be more assured of your survival - so that you can be at peace, and prepared for anything at all times) Survival is also related to the root chakra, if you remain powerless and fearful of your very existence, you’ll probably never know true peace- and ever yearn to live more fully. There’s a point where embracing the concept of survival and working with that as a motivation, will place things in perspective and help you to awaken to your own godhood, find your own grounded sovereignty and ground your own power.
It is a raw driving force in all magick. More crucial things to know at the end, also in regard with a coming global ‘war’ (not just any type of war-but a war where your chances of coming out well will very much depend on how your relation to the spiritual will be, and the God-Mind, especially through means of Magick skills as a most direct way to operate the God-Mind and spirit in general.


There are consequences to not acting upon this that will affect you personally, at some point or another - it is the actual intent of those that created the following (tracking microchips-disguised as other-functional chips - for banking, ID, …) for it to be used on all humans, globally, regardless of where you live - and not by the ‘good guys’ - if this is not being dealt with by all of us -magicians - we are all f******. Either we fight and thrive, or we may end up in a very very miserable place - there is no middle way here. This by the way is just even one aspect of what’s actively being purposefully done to try to decimate humanity.

Let me explain.

After having done lots of research on micro-chipping, I did hear people who observed what these chips REALLY do, is that they are not only tracking devices, but are also made to break down one’s biology that it makes it can kill off people’s connection to the spiritual in general (because yes we do have biological aspects like for example our pineal gland that, if not working properly can cause our 3rd eye not to function properly, but that’s just one part- the people that made these things refer to humans as cattle, to be tracked, not because of good intentions, but of intentions of manipulation, and these people by the way, are people that would ultimately like to have you either dead or a perfect slave (to even say it in the nicest way possible-but it comes down to precisely that, and nothing inbetween - in these precise words).
Tracking includes: knowing where you are at all times, what you are potentially doing driving your bike, in a car, walking by foot, …

The central company behind it is located in Europe - and not that it has to do with Europeans, for those people indeed are not working for the greater good, their intent is the exact opposite, and it’s not just that company, it’s greater than that.

Some of you may think that these people may have some good intentions towards humanity…
The answer is a plain NO over the entire line, they don’t, at all - and even encourage humanity to fight against itself to make the group smaller, though manipulation in terms of fear, murder, terror, bio-warfare, wars, they used all these methods so far and some won’t stop until they are being stopped completely, whatever that may entail.

And you may be someone that is feeling ‘on your own’ perhaps, or maybe caring little about the world,
if you are such a person, know that this earth is what you’ll have to be living in every day, and it can ultimately only go two ways, fully enslaved or fully free, and that depends on your choice, but your life depends on it- the same people do have plans to kill off humanity indeed, and have already started to actively do so since a very long time, if you’re alive, you’re whats left so far…; humanity can procreate itself but what is life worth if you end up living being treated as cattle- our liberties as humanity are fragrantly being taken away from us - and it doesn’t matter in what country you live, it’s the world they are going for. You may want to take a good look at everything you really love about life, be it talking to a girl, a friend, a friend on the street, enjoying the little things…there won’t be much of it left if we don’t stop those kind of people right now. and I’m talking about the
groups included that are behind all these things.

has already been implanted in India…on a mega-scale…

Imagine all those spiritual Hindu Guru’s, all these people being into spirituality…
Though there’s a lot of vice in India, there’s also a huge amount of spiritual positivity to be found as well,
that contributes to a large portion of the spiritual positivity on the planet - there are people over there that pray for the world every day, wishing us all-well-being, happiness, joy, good health, that care about us, without asking for anything in return, people that pray for world peace - This is OUR earth, everyone, so if we want it to be awesome and cool and free, and spiritual, it’s up to us.

This country is next: Sweden - for those who don’t know Sweden, they generally are adorable caring people, often very spiritual, high moral values, genuinely good people that want to be good for others, that care about the greater good, that care about humanity, and being humane - that is one of the reasons IMO why they are targeted next on the list- also because they are very close to what humanity could be, for the better, in many ways - The energy is very high over there as well - One of Gaia’s beautiful strong points.

those people behind those micro-chips and behind many more things, those ‘groups’ want to destroy the ideal of humanity out of human consciousness and Gaia, as much as can be with it… It is not a maybe they already have, are still doing it and will keep going…;

(General Keywords : Micro chip, implant, AADHAAR {India} )

If you feel this trigger the warrior in you, that’s what meant to happen as well in order to survive this planet, and thrive - if you can be a warrior, you can be a king/queen.

You are here to walk as god(/desse)s, in oneness and equality with all life.

(I didn’t make this video - didn’t choose the title nor the main image of it - which you will notice as you click on it - Some refer to this as the mark of the beast- but it could as well refer to something completely different like an actual spiritual mark over the 3rd eye area I would guess according to E.A.'s video with Lucifer-Amaymon, a being I work with as well-related to the divine feminine, not per se related to ‘evil’ automatically, just an intelligent force of one’s own God-Mind that can be crucial to function properly, also in being more receptive to the light parts of yourself ) -
When it comes to 666 and it’s meaning you can find that @ Magenta pixie - 666 youtube - a spiritual message/channeling)

Also there is a greater, general war coming, as E.A. stated, very soon.
Some spirits told me that in 2020 the veils would fall and all in the darkenss and light would be visible to all.
Multudimensional life ‘as is’ -
Lucifer told me that he’s about to purge the world completely, as well, of everything that blocks Gaia from breathing properly, so that humanity would respect her. And respect life (which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be working with Lucifer, on the contrary - ultimately I advice to be in a good relation with both polarities through the divine heart in your rituals, because this battle will be an all-inclusive battle on all possible levels, yet ultimately spiritually based. So my tips for survival and coming out well, heal yourselves, empower yourselves,
make great alliances ultimately with the Alpha and Omega the Master aspects of the Cosmos, being your Cosmic I and AM aspects, asking for guidance, assistance and protection (and I can share more about that),
I have quite a lot of battle-experience, regardless of the size of the opponent, there are ways you can win any combat. (more about this war? Ask me, I’ll answer as much as I know)

I myself have already started to take action on this,
but ultimately
Our fate lies in our own hands, all of it - here and now

means we each as individuals, also for our own gnosis and growth process, have to do all we can to help assure our survival at large,
when we solely let it depend on others, we may never really learn to defend ourselves whenever necessary, and doubt and fear of whether things will be alright will always crawl into one’s mind…- and none can afford to ‘hope’ it’s going to be alright, magick helps one know so, for grounded reasons. Also it’s part of our ascent, in general to be able to know how to assure our survival as individuals, but also for the greater good of all life.


Do you have the power to stop this?
Yes, you absolutely do, there’s no limit to the power of magick, because the God-Mind is limitless in potential.
You ultimately are the God-Mind, and the Source of all as your true Cosmic Self - in oneness and equality with all life.

“There’s no fate but what we make for ourselves…”

I guess it’s time for us all to apply the same tenacity itself that this movie can potentially inspire/or anything that inspires you grand things, to apply that to reality through magick…;
There’s only peace in absolute victory, and nothing less. This is, about the human species at large.

I can tell you there’s such bliss in experiencing sun rays while you are free of concerns - you can hope to feel yourself breathing as if it was the very first time, feeling deep inside that life is meant to be at least that good again- it’s up to us, that’s what we came to do and to be, free, and happy and being able to enjoy life, it’s up to us to help guarantee that- knowing how to be safe by knowing how to defend yourself, others, and life at large surely is one of the main things that can help to guarantee that. We used to have parents doing that for us at some point for most of us, but now, it’s up to us and our spiritual alliance with the greater God-Mind.

(video/Image credit: Terminator 2)


So you have done tons of research? Any of it reliable and objective? What are some of the sources you have used that are not from deluded conspiracy theorists? This seems to me like it can all too easily go political and turn into an unsubstantiated shit show with little to no proof beyond the word of a few unstable people and their supposed ‘evidence’.

I also hope you realize that advances in technology are the future and there is no stopping it and it is not good or bad. Places like India and Sweden have turned out the way they are for their own reasons and they are definitely not very spiritual places no more so than many others especially today and has little to do with any large conspiracy beyond political agendas and feuds over land and religion. There is a globalist agenda of sorts but that is already falling apart and done for and no different than at any other point in history. Governments already know where we are at any point in time so no real point in microchips and they can’t break down the body or spiritual connections in someone with potential and there are a few good reasons for this. Those that are not the average human but are meant to have such a connection are going to fry the hell out if those chips if they are not careful likely by just proximity and also tend to be extremely resistant and heal quickly from outside influences. Things like fluoride having little effect beyond extreme doses that would kill quickly for example. In addition it has been proven that the physical body is unnecessary for magick or psychic ability but only a convenience. Many perform magick and influence from the astral and mental planes, some even after the death of their physical bodies. While the common human may just be cattle already because of social conditioning there is still enough preservation instincts that can’t be gotten rid of to resist any such efforts and with the changes already in affect humanity and their technology will need to change just to survive given how the natural cycles are moving. So while there might be political and economic issues and groups seeking influence it is not nearly so organized much less capable as these theories would have you believe or even using the methods these theories mention. The last mention of FEMA and guillotines for instance was just flat out wrong and illogical too boot.

If you want to present your favorite conspiracy theory it would be a lot better taken by serious practitioners if evidence is supplied beyond a few unreliable videos and a propaganda speech.


Time to add another survived apocalypse onto my track record.


India is spiritual actually. Can’t speak for Sweden though.

All in all, I have to say that I’m skeptical of @Hermes’ claims. While you say you don’t really believe in conspiracy theories, a lot of your post screams “conspiracy theory”.


You’re probably going to want to kill this thread as this is going to get very political.


Last night was some dude (Jonathan Gray the archaeologist) on Noory about the ark of the covenant, and end time prophecies.

Eh… ya know I find I don’t give a fuck. I’ll either be dead or killed or be killing to survive if I can’t just stay away. I just don’t give a fuck as man will die in their own filth. Who gives a fuck about elitist garbage.


Seconded but I hope it is left up long enough for this supposed research and evidence to be supplied first just to see if there is any truth to this or if it is as unsubstantiated as it sounds. If it is true then someone really needs to work on presentation.


I recall that there was legislation proposed in the U.S. Regarding the microchipping of the elderly so that they could be found if they wander off. And a similar proposition for the microchipping of children so they could be found in case they were abducted. Never went anywhere. Currently there are private companies in Sweden who are microchipping their workers.


Yeah but that goes in line with my advancement of technology for the future. Most people always have phones and everything else with them that can be tracked. I believe the companies in Sweden were doing it for security purposes being able to have credentials in the chip and not at risk of being stolen such as what could happen with a card. Plus being able to store credit card information or emergency info on the chips as well. More a natural progression of technology than some nefarious plot. We have VR technology today and it is hardly for the purposes of something like the matrix even if someday it might reach that level of realism. Just reminds me of when in the past the church would kill and silence those that preached science over their religion.


I think their rationale is flawed. Passive rfid chips can be read at a distance of 20 to 40 feet. It won’t be long before the encryption on those things is deciphered or stolen and the info stored on the chips is stolen.


Nothing is new under the Sun.
There have been people pointing this stuff out for years.
About the Athiestic Death Cults and the stupid minions they get to perform horrible acts of violence.
The pervasive philosophy of worshiping a state government instead of a Pantheon of gods or a single god for that matter.
The military and economic power they wield.

No one wants to hear it.
People really do enjoy their slavery.
At least when I see that silver lining;I’ll know why it happened.


Yeah I think it really depends on specific design though. They might be more custom made to only be readable at closer ranges. Then again companies don’t always make very rational decisions. You just have to look at what Tumblr recently did to see that much. Sounds good on paper and then you put it practice and it bites you on the ass and you realize that wasn’t such a great idea.


Lol… this post cant be serious… not here at this forum…

This is catholic bullshit…


Yeah… I dont ever jump on these trains. A good way to recruit diaposable soldiers that dont Pay Well.


This isn’t party-political or identity-politics per se: if anyone wishes to discuss those areas, or name specific persons, movements, organisations, or ethnic groups in relation to this, please PM @Hermes, that way we won’t have any issues with posts accidentally breaching the new rule introduced by the site’s owners 4th September 2018. Cheers! :+1:


India is more religious than spiritual, but it’s still more spiritual than most countries yes


How long did it take to write this post? Do U have any idea how else you could have utilized that time? In a more productive way. And here i am facing problem with time management!!!

@Vyriz yea, have to agree with that. Even those who are in utmost poverty or those who are at the top of social hierarchy everybody picks up some form of spiritual practice by themselves. In india U R generally not taught to be religious by your parents, but still the current is quite strong, it comes naturally. Even in times like now where it isn’t doing very well ( It’s over 5000 year old civilization and the only one that old surviving. So few bad centuries is just a bad week in the long run ) . Though things are improving slowly but surely.


Oh yes, this works for peace of mind. I use aluminium foil in my hat.


You’re not wrong, and others have been working on it for years.
This is what many don’t know: the Storm is here.

Send them help. Where we go one, we go all.

Hail Q.