If You're Already A God

If you have achieved godhood now, what would you likely do?

First order would be, I would wish for the knowledge to make myself immortal, as that’s kind of my goal in life.

Secondly, I would wish to have the knowledge to master the ability to heal and I would wish to have the knowledge to master the art of external alchemy (like lead to gold or manufacturing the philosopher’s stone). Then, I would become God on earth. I would heal the sick, restore the amputees, and resurrect the dead. I would create safe, free, eternal energy for the entire world using alchemy. I would rule the world with no fear of assassination, as I would be immune to any attempt at, what would be akin to, deicide. I would be king forever.

I would unite the earth and create freedom for everyone to live. I would destroy the concept of owning land, and since energy is free I would destroy the need for money. Production would only take people and time. People would work with their passions all day long, if that’s teaching they would teach, if that’s learning they would learn. The means to produce would be based around desire and passion, not economics. This would drastically change the job scene, especially as technology progresses and more professions become automated. Because of the unlimited energy, I would solve the global population issue.

Then, after about 100 years in office I would search the world for my replacements. There would be three, and they would have various qualities I would be looking for such as compassion, empathy, desire for knowledge, and integrity among others. In these three students I would pour my immense knowledge. These three students would become immortal as well as master healing and alchemy. Then, after they were trained I would put them, communally, in charge of earth and I would oversee them for 25 years.

After that time, I would bore of earth, so I would travel to another planet that was lifeless and merely begin by creating life. I would manifest water, I would create cells, I would be a god on this planet. I would watch as evolution brought my creation into sentience after billions of years. All the time meditating and growing in power and knowledge. When sentient life first begins I would be able to interact with them and manipulate their gene structure and manipulate their energy fields, etc. Basically fine tuning them, these would be my special creation, made in my image, since I am true God. I would live eternally with this new race and be their God-King. I would be capable of manipulating all things, the past and the future would be laid before me. I would be able to change my body from physical to pure energy and spirit. Nothing would be impossible for me. And I would guide my creation, teaching them anything: how to make fire, how to distinguish edible from poisonous herbs, how to do construction, systems of writing, anything as they grow. The ones with more higher vibration would be taught basic magic, how to use divination, how to evoke spirits, and how to soul travel, basic shamanic practices. And very few I would even teach immortality to.

And anyways, yes, my world would continue on and I would live forever guiding them, healing them, and ruling them. Meanwhile my progeny on earth would keep my utopia running smoothly. So would it be if I had the powers of a God immediately.

Food eaten in front of Netflix would have no calories, but the same vitamins etc.

Come on, tell me you don’t all secretly want that kind of thing, far more than world peace! :wink:

…if we’re discussing changing the very fabric of reality, then all food would contain exactly as much vitamins, minerals, and calories as necessary for that day. So, no matter what you ate, you would be perfectly healthy at all times.

I could binge eat two large bags of popcorn at the movies and at the end of the day I will have just reached 100% of the daily values of all nutrients and 100% of my daily caloric intake.

hahahaha 1000×, lol…


you’re fun guys!:wink:

wait… I can’t understand myself…
no, seriously…, the big thing you will do.

Two chicks at the same time! LOL just kidding.

Truth, I would probably do exactly what we are doing now. If it aint broke don’t fix it.
I might cut back on all the violence in my universe Wait are we universe gods or multiverse gods?

Now thats alot of fun quite a few combinations I want to try with that

Find another god to relate to and have amazing destructive/creative god sex.

Oh an solve world peace, hunger, etc.