If you were to perform a rite to attract a lover

Would you rather the rite attract a single specific person or multiple non specific people (within reason of course)?

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Just changed it to the correct category.

Also probably non-specific. As love spells/etc, I noticed work better at attracting then when directed at a specific person. Basically manipulation vs manifesting an ideal lover. One is easier to do then the other. Less risk.


I would suggest you to use the ritual to filter people, so it only affects those who are right for you.


I agree that multiple options would be better. Not just for moral reasons (manipulation vs manifestation). But also because if you target a specific person, you are surrendering your energy to them. If you go with non-specific people, you are instead directing the energy to yourself.

Plus, I’ve never gotten the reason why people think having eyes for one person is so romantic. I guess if you like the person, sure. But if you don’t, it’s kinda creepy. And even if you do it can still be creepy.

In my opinion, it would depend on what I was looking for.

Love spells on specific people rarely last forever, especially if the target has little interest in you, so just because you can make someone love you doesn’t mean they will always love you or always want to be with you. A lot people who run for the nearest love spell don’t understand that it is very possible to love someone but recognise a relationship with them is unhealthy for you and so choose to walk away.

If I was looking for a long term relationship, a general love spell to bring someone who meets most of my preferences stands a higher chance of success than targeting someone specific who may or may not meet my needs so that is most likely what I would do.

If I just wanted to play the field, and sow my wild oats, or have a Friend With Benefits, then I’d choose the specific option if there was someone I was interested in. If not, I’d go the general route to get as many lovers as I wanted.


Truth! :heart::heart:

Speaking from experience!