If you were Hecate?

If you were Hecate, what would be your plans for Halloween :jack_o_lantern: Samhain :ghost: ?
What would you do on this night, when the veil is thin and magick is weaving through the air.

How would you donimate this Hallows Eve? As queen of Witches. Goddess of witchcraft and magick. Lady of necromancy. What would be on your agenda?


Personally I’d expand my energy around my place then invite the dead for the night to vibe and let the energies mix and accumulate to a peak.


Getting candy, and maybe a lucky spell or something so I get the good stuff and not that “healthy” candy. Or find more houses that just leave out candy, so I can grab alot.

I mean it’s the ONE time of the year that you basically get free candy, why not take advantage of that.

And yes I realize, Hecate would not do any of this. This is what I would do, if i was queen of the witches and could probably be more successful at magick – use it for candy.

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I mean… I bet she likes to trick or treat too. Who can turn down free chocolate :sparkling_heart:
Even the Queen herself would enjoy going through the goody bag and seperating out all the good candy from the not so good candy. :candy: :chocolate_bar: :lollipop:

And who can resist visiting haunted houses and having a good scare. :ghost: :vampire: :jack_o_lantern:

I think if i was her I would divide the night up some time for the fun stuff of Halloween and some time for the serious stuff like helping spirits cross over, or protecting others from wandering spirits and contacting ancestors. Maybe a ritual of some kind. :candle: :star2:



Well, true…you have a point there.

I would enjoy doing the scaring then being the scared lol. I don’t like being jump-scared.

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It’s a full Moon this Halloween too. I would be partying up and then Doing a ritual to take advantage of the full moon.

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