If you used to be religious what made you doubt your religion?

Here is my story:
When I was a kid I was raised as a Muslim. I went to an Islamic school and everything. So one day at this Islamic school I had a teacher who was quizzing us on our knowledge of the Quran(holy book). I was about 13 at the time. One question really got to me though. The teacher asked " Which people are guaranteed admittance into heaven.
Here is the referenced text
The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Abu Bakr will be in Paradise, ‘Umar will be in Paradise, ‘Uthmaan will be in Paradise, ‘Ali will be in Paradise, Talhah will be in Paradise, al-Zubayr will be in Paradise, ‘Abd al-Rahmaan ibn ‘Awf will be in Paradise, Sa’d will be in Paradise, Sa’eed will be in Paradise, and Abu ‘Ubaydah ibn al-Jarraah will be in Paradise.” (Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, 3680).

These people were still alive at the time. So I thought: 'is that life". Are these people done with everything and ready to move on. That was my first doubt. I started looking at other religions. I never wanted to leave the Abrahamic religions due to the fear of burning in hell. I thought that I would join either Christianity or Stay in Islamic faith. I studied Christianity for a long time. Then I came across E.A. Koetting. I then started listening to his content and reading this forum. i then decided to start an account and start posting.

I would love to hear your stories.
Thank you


Endless contradictions, unanswered questions, and nobody bothered to explain anything other than what hell was like.

Praying to God didn’t do damn thing, opening up the cheap Necronomicon Spellbook accomplished, in one spell, more than I thought I ever could accomplish.

Results matter.


I was raised roman catholic. Ever since I was little I could feel something wasn’t right about it. Spending all that time on ypur knees begging for forgiveness for essentially being born human so at the end of it all you can spend eternity prostrate telling god how great he is. No thank you. I tried a non denominational church for a while but it was the same story just not as harsh. I regret all the wasted time being involved with christianity especially since deep down I knew it wasn’t right.


:broken_heart: I couldn’t have said it better!
No more bowing no more kneeling for me! Only salutes!


raised christian, went to church, and when I would go to youth group I would always ask insightful questions and the pastor just looked away. So I started reading the Bible for answers and no answers were shown, then came the googling and still nothing. However I did find crazy things like stoning people and how god was a jealous god. that brought a question that was my turning point. “If god is the only god then what does he have to be jealous for?” after those many years of being left in the dark I finally woke up and saw all of the other religions out there, so I started research. I finally came upon E.A. Koetting and V.K Jehannum. and with a small amount of knowledge and will I did a successful spell that got me a little bit of money. And I knew right then that the LHP and the occult was perfect for me.


Isn’t it obvious? All this praying and shit for nothing. Who wouldn’t doubt?


Raised Roman Catholic, taught nothing but fear and lies. Even the image of Jesus is a lie,he was not white with Blonde hair and blue eyes, it is not possible given his origins.

The God of the Old testament is a psychopath, liar,murderer, Narcissist and pure evil. Nothing will convince me otherwise and I have read it several times.

I think I grew up to question and not to accept the social norms,I never have hence why I have never fitted in lol.


I was forced into Christianity as a child because my parents were. Had to go to church every Sunday and Wednesday. I stopped going to church in my late teens because they stopped going to church, but i stayed a christian up until I was 20.
Up until 2 years ago I still believed in the Christian god, but was no longer a Christian because I saw it that god no longer gave a shit about the world. Prayer didn’t work. Unfair/early death was explained as “god needed them more than we did” which is insane. So I adopted “He doesn’t fuck with me, I don’t fuck with him.” I started wondering why I was obligated to prostrate myself, beg, plead, and unwaveringly worship this alleged perfect god or else burn for eternity.
My biggest problem with it was this: I wondered how being created by him meant that I owed him something; I never asked to be created. Why give someone free will and then demand to control how they act? That line of thought led me to question the entire system, which led me to research deep into the origins of Christianity.
That then led to a still-ongoing research of everything religion or occult related, stumbling across tarot and getting my first deck, doing my first spell, my first ritual etc. Needless to say I am now religion-less and very easily think of myself as a pagan and could be called a witch, magician, etc by anyone who knew my practice.


Christianity had no proof.
Wicca was too limiting.
Pagan was too restrictive.
Atheism is an impossibility.
Satanism is advanced level atheism.

I work with the powers because i like results.


That is true. So many people are becoming athiests because they have not had their astral senses developed. A lot of people want to spread the truth. There are many topics on this forum seeking to destroy Islam,Christianity and Judaism.
But Athiesm should be a problem for these people also right? It is even less true than most religions.


Fuck them.

Let the parasites have them…


I grew up with family who were Christians. As a child it brought me comfort. When I grew up and decided to walk out my own faith. Things became complicated. I became a member of a church group called The Door. There was a lot of don’t do this/don’t do that, those other Christians are wrong, woman cannot preach so don’t even listen to Joyce Myers, listening to Taylor Swift is evil, ect… My husband was often favored over me because he was a more active member and a man. When I tried to seek counseling on marital issues I was told that maybe I was overthinking. In the end I just felt alone with a bunch of fakes putting on a show. I myself was tired of putting on a show. I didn’t want to be there.

Since being on this path I’ve never felt more confident as woman. I’ve also learned to be at peace with what I was told was bad for so many years. In actuality there was absolutely nothing wrong with me.


It’s a long and complicated story, but I would say at the root of it would have to be acceptance or lack thereof.


I used to be religious. I was raised Roman Catholic, and I was atheist for a short while in my teens. That did not turn out well, so I kept the faith, the belief, that is. At some point I started wanting things that are not easily obtained by do not violate the laws of physics. I tried to stop wanting. Being without desire was the worst, it was like some kind of unholy holiness, like some bad idea of what Christianity or Buddhism is supposed to be like.


Like many others I was raised catholic and went to catholic school for 9 years. Everytime I went to church I never felt anything but absolute boredom. I never felt any kind of spiritual connection whatsoever. I left it completely a few years ago and never looked back. I had to undo years of forced religious programming, which is honestly kind of traumatizing. I still have alot of pent up anger towards christianity and what it does to people. Now I’ve finally found my true calling, something I had suppressed for years. I had a more spiritual experience during my first invocation than 15 years in Catholicism


I also used to say that I never asked to be created. We shouldn’t have to spend our lives in debt for a psychopathic god. I dont understand how people live like that


If you’re not feeling like shit about yourself constantly than you arent a catholic/christian


I was raised Catholic. My parents clearly wanted me to Catholic as well, sending me to Catholic schools, trying to get my into Church every Sunday (only good thing about that is when it’s over), but it wasn’t for me. I love nature and paganism felt more for me. I learned about Shinto and that is for me, but I also learned that Demons were victims of a major slander campaign going on for millennia, so I like them too. I didn’t want to worship a “loving” god who had a weird hatred for gods that are allegedly non-existent in that book. Even when I hate someone, even in my most mad state I would never sentence them to eternal torture, only the most evil people on Earth would want that to happen to others, that goes WAY too. I also have a passion for science, and even when some Christians say that God guided Evolution (which is FAR more rational than creationism) it still seems like an inefficient and slow way to make his chosen kind. If we get in contact with intelligent extraterrestrial life, that is more proof how insignificant we are and disproves us being of some sort of plan of Yahweh.

Here are some videos which mostly sum up how I feel (In Remembrance of George Carlin)


My parents made half assed attempts to raise me religious. My first straw was being forced to sit in a classroom and study, and to stand and pray while in private school. That pissed me off, and made middle school me think, “fuck these people and fuck that guy”(jehova).

I was a edgy little shit but I was on to something. I’m not sure my teachers approved of me being more curious about Baal and Moloch then the sky-cunt. My misplaced anger toward god for making me have to study boring shit inspired 12 year old me to write his name in Hebrew on an index card and rip it up, as an act of blasphemy, with the intent to cause him pain.

Then i got religious again in my teens, seriously believing the creator of the universe would punish me for masturbating, and sends people to eternal torment for it, type of religious.

One day I lost my keys and asked god to help me find them. Surely if he could take note of when every adolescent boy touches themselves he can spare a moment to find my keys. The angels were busy. It made me start seeing our “relationship” as me sacrificing and constantly being made to feel guilt towards some sky-prick (who I had no proof of being real) who uses his Omnipotence to torture those who commit minor infractions forever, yet couldn’t spare a moment to help some starving African children.

At the end of the day it was simply a matter of “fuck that guy.”


I was raised Christian, but at some point I realized that I didn’t buy into the idea of omnipotence or omniscience. Like, creating the universe goes against a number of physical laws, so you would need to be greater than that. Of course this was before I practiced magic, so now my rationale is different, if that being is all powerful then no others can be, and I know that a lot of beings are very powerful and don’t care about what that guy thinks, plus some other weird stuff I’ve seen happen which really makes the Bible seem silly.

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