If you make a deal or a pact with an Angel or a Demon is it okay if you just return what you're about to get and let them keep what you gave or are about to give them as a compromise?

I’ll make it a general topic of discussion because this can fit into any context even though evocation is the most common way you do this to my beginner level knowledge. When you make a deal/pact with one of these entities, is the deal or pact supposed to last until it’s fulfilled out of principle or is a free pass for them not to fulfill their end of the bargain when you changed your mind about getting it okay for them? Does the fact that you worked with an Angel or a Demon matter at all?

You can change your mind and cancel the working.

Energies have been put into motion, you already sent out energy against that by thinking this way, but it’s a good idea to communicate this change of direction in ritual, or some other communication method, clearly.


So I’m guessing it’s kind of an inhumanly flexible type of exchange.

It tends to be fine but you need to think about what you really want. The opinion the spirit will have towards you from doing so depends on the individual spirits. Some may not mind while others will.

If the method of working with them didn’t involve direct communication, simply knowing and accepting that you don’t want it anymore will signal to them to no longer bring it you, unless it’s already too late and the result is too close to you. If the method involved verbal communication, you’ll have to call upon the spirit again and tell them directly that you no longer want what you asked for.


The only constant is change, I would just say be considerate of the entity and act like you value them and the relationship.

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