If you know that Hell exists

To all satanists and luciferians: if there was a hell would you still be a satanist or luciferian?

If yes? Why?

Hell does exist.
Think about it. I’m sure you have met a person that goes through hell, that lives in their own personal hell. A person whose life is hell.
Hell is a state of mind. You can get lost in it, and never find your way out.

This frightens me way more than the idea of a place where all nonbelievers gather tbh.


Yes! Indeed, centuries ago in France there were Catholic Satanists. They believed in Catholicism but became Satanists because of the horror and injustice of Xtianity. Rather burn in Hell than serve the tyrant and his limp dick son. Try to imagine spending eternity with all the types that make it to heaven.



Been there. I would say that I got the t-shirt too, but I didn’t see anyone wearing clothes. It was not a happy or pleasant place in the most crowded portion. Some places on the outskirts are pretty nice though, as long as you don’t mind walking over piles of skulls. In regards to the question, it is like asking someone if they would gamble depending on whether or not Las Vegas or Monte Carlo existed.

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Through astral projection?

I use to be satanist mainly for the study of it. I still view hell as just another name for the infernal empire. Atleast the hell where you’ll find Lucifer and his legions of Goetia and their legions.


Yes. On a daily basis for about the last 5 years. Sometimes to visit and sometimes summoned.

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Infernal Kingdom is a place.

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What’s it like? I consider myself a traveller of the astral, and I want to know what to expect.

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Lol what…

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Laugh all you want @anon48079295. My feelings are hard to hurt. @Maxwell The infernal realm is probably not a place you’d want to go unless you are invited there or have a standing invitation. The energy of the crowded area feels like fire on your skin and lasts for an hour or two after you return from there.


You tried to hurt his feelings?

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I think you misunderstand try not to jump to conclusions with zero basis otherwise it comes of silly.

However, I think you’re creating this fake idea of the infernal empire. Yes the infernal empire is pretty crowded but the whole stepping on skulls and burning and such seems like something made up as I’ve been to the infernal empire and none of that happens. Nor do you need an invitation to visit, however you have to follow the laws in place when there.

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Not at all. I think that’s his own imagined perception of my comment.

@anon48079295 Sorry I misunderstood. No big deal. I only know things from my perspective and based on my limited experience. I only had the burning sensation once and that was a rare circumstance. I agree that an invitation is not required, but it has been my stance that I do not venture there without a standing invitation or when I am called there for a meeting. You could not be more correct about the rules.

Hell does exist for some people. All depends on the frame of mind you are in when you die and your understanding of different planes. Reality is far less “solid” on other planes even though it appears to be on some and even feels it. Therefore anything you think of and feel you will manifest far more quickly than here and with far more visuals.

Put it this way. Your existence afterwards is going to be like if someone cut open your head and scooped all you thoughts, good and bad. Light and dark etc out and put them before you.

All the things you feel proud of and good about will be there but so will the things you feel guilty about and scared of and all will manifest physically. So it’s more about what kind of place is inside of your head? End up in “Hell” you can ascend to a higher plane if you understand what it is and/or fix your thoughts and fears etc.

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The Infernal realm is pretty industrial in nature. A lot of the architecture within it tends to vary although gothic seems to be the most common. The higher ranking territories tend to have more subtle middle-eastern themes while the Goetia territories tend to have more subtle medieval themes.

The weather there tends to either be icy cold or scolding hot depending on the seasons and areas you go to. There isn’t much vegetation in this realm although there are flourishing forests near the mountains on the outer edges of the realm. Azazel and Paimon’s territories are near there and the land is absolutely stunning.

The Infernal realm from my experience is overall a decent place to visit although the weather sucks. I mostly go there to gamble, drink, and smoke but there are the occasions of visiting brothels with friends lol.


Can you explain what YOUR idea of Hell is and why you wanted to ask the question? Otherwise, I’m lost on why being a Satanist or Luciferian would depend on not believing in Hell, based on how you phrased it.

In elaborating on your ideas you are trying to convey with the word Hell, we can find where that breakdown is.