If you know Sallos, please read

I started talking to Sallos a few days ago about getting my love to commit to me officially. I chanted his enn while gazing at his sigil last night and became extremely drained and tired. I talked to him throughout today as well and then just did his enn. Shortly after that ended, something weird happened. I had my mug of tea sitting on a paper towel. Something moved under the towel which was basically impossible because nothing was under it that could have moved. So I just figured I’d ignore it. Then I heard a loud pop noise from underneath the paper towel. That made no sense because there was nothing there. Then, the rubber band that was around my son’s Tarot deck snapped open. It wasn’t on there tight and it was a very thick elastic band.

I had been crying for a while but after listening to his enn, I stopped cold.