If you have a great relationship with a spirit adept at shape shifting is it possible for them to do it for you?

I have read here on this forum that physical shapeshifting is one of the hardest things for a magician to learn. If I practice and have a pact with a spirit who specializes in shapeshifting magic, would I be able to invoke them and have them change my body. If you have read any of my previous posts before, you would know that the only problem I have here on this Earth is the physical body. If I can dedicate my life to learning how to shapeshift maybe I can reach physical immortality. I can spend years improving on all my magic. I would just like a vessel in which to be physical that I like.
Another thing is the fact that I do not like the human brain. So if I shapeshift I may be able to design my body such that my memories are stored within my full self rather than at one singular place, where it could easily be destroyed.
Here is what I desire to live my life as if I could.

I’m sorry, but that is just not going to happen.

Spirits help us to actualize our potential, but they will not do the work for us. You are looking at a lifetime of dedication to even approach physical shapeshifting (if it is truly possible).

There are immutable laws in this physical plane that cannot be broken, only twisted or bent to varying degrees, and this includes what the human body is capable of.

In my opinion, atavistic transformation, such as into what people would call a werewolf, might be within the realm of possibility, by devolving the human form into its primal ancestry, but transforming into something like the image you posted isn’t possible in this plane of existence.


I gotta agree with DarkestKnight.

You’d be better off learning how to shape shift in the Astral Plane and many Spirits will actually help you achieve it that way.

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I’m no expert but I think physical shape shifting is possible but if it was as easy as you wanted it to be then more people would have done it. I think its at first a mastery of Astral Shape shifting and then a mix of a long hard study into alchemy, modern science, and magick to physically do it.

I think anything can be possible, even law breaking shit but not by one person or one entity and maybe not even in one lifetime. Have big aspirations but start with small goals as magick can do wonders but you can’t control it in a day.

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