If you had a question for EA

If you could ask EA Koetting any question ; what would it be!?


If he would take my spirit out of my body for astral projection

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If I had a question for EA, I’d ask him in a private consultation lol


Koetting isn’t that hard to reach, but sure I’ll go with the premise.

I have a close friend who, in my opinion, is too entrenched in black and white spirituality. They have a strong habit of looking at things as a clash between light and dark. It is hard to talk to this person about subtlety or harmony.

Koetting knows about force against force, but I wonder how he would approach a magician who needed to develop their sense of “Zen” or “spiritual agility” or whatever it’s called.

“What do you say to a black magician friend who’s a little bit too dark?”


Hmmm, id ask if it would be possible if sought through the proper channels and means to manipulate a large enough population to change a belief for the greater good of the society as a whole. To spread a spark to ignite enough flames to make a great leap forward for all of humanity.


simply read the forum area,
which is supposed exactly around that:

The E.A. Koetting Section;

Go into the post i’ve linked,
and click onto the Inverted pentagram with the sentance “become a living God” on top of your screen,
to skip upwards into the section.

you’ll find many questions Members had given to E.A.,
and from which many had been answered within his video’s aswell.

More precisely,
this is an exact link towards the section;





I’d just be like “what’s up?” And be on my way xD nothing more nothing less lmao.

My only question for him would be: Do you like burritos?

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Here it is: https://youtu.be/RjGRoWb32lQ

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