If you feel rejected :


For those of you who are new or even intermediate and are trying to make contact with a Spirit and are getting no results or rejected by them, don’t worry or lose your confidence.

Back when I was ignorant I used to pray to many Spirits for what I wanted, just demand. Eventually I stopped and grew up and tried making contact again. I felt rejected by the Greek Pantheon and I think that Athena told me to move on. I lost my connection with the Archangels completely but this was mostly my fault and towards the end of last year I thought that I was loosing my connection to the Demons I grew to love.

Now that I’m improving I feel all returning slowly, sure I’m not at the level I want to be but I’m further than I was 5 years ago.

So don’t give up they may want you to advance just a little more and then they will enter your life.


That’s a really important message!
Thank you for sharing it :))


It’s something that’s hard to accept but eventually it becomes a lesson.


Many are the mages that will be grateful to read your words. Well said.


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Rightly so! No sweat.


This should be required reading for new magicians. Absolutely fantastic message!


So demanding and requesting again and again, while working in getting better to make contact. Is totally fine?


It depends. If you get the impression that the Spirit doesn’t want to work with you, move on. They may seek you out in the future or not. Constantly asking a Spirit for something when they’ve said no can annoy them and some dislike being annoyed.


sadly as i have mentioned about my senses. i can’t be sure if its a yes or no :frowning:


Ask for a sign. Sometimes you will get strange signs and at other times they’ll be straightforward.

My Astral senses aren’t even average either. I communicate with Spirits via Telepathy. You should try this just don’t strain yourself.


Great message!
Well, i have never been rejected by anyone, but maybe because i never come to them telling myself that maybe i would be rejected at first place. Having neutral feelings was a big deal,lol!
Now, if someone got a big “no” , like said by the others, its just because they know, they aren’t what you need atm, that is all.
For gods and demons gods, we are valuable beings, contrary of the bullshit people tell on internet,
often when you are sensitive an they say “NO” its because they doesn’t wanna to fry your circuits before you learn to know them!


Requesting is fine but do not demand of a Demon it’s in poor form. Come sincerely, honestly, respectfully, and prepared to make a MUTUALLY beneficial arrangement for workings. Invest in a pendulum (simple yes no answers divination) and clean it often for spirit communication at first. I still use mine, it’s like a sixth finger now.


Well said!!


Thank you much friend. :blush: