If you contact a demon what happens if they don’t go away

If I’m supposed to be developing a relationship with a demon, Especially one I want for Baneful purposes, what happens when I am finished with what I need or want to end the relationship because things are getting intense?
How often do they leave on request or do they hang around still making weird things happen?

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Who said you have to “develop a relationship” with every demon you work with? That’s utter BS.

You can call a spirit for one task, and when that is done, you never have to call them again. There is absolutely nothing that says you have to have some sort of relationship first. That’s not how evocation works.

Once you assign a task, the demon will go about the business of that task. They will not hang around for no reason. They have better things to do.


They were told by a member in this thread:



This. ^^^

Queen mustang Yes this was the thread.

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I wasn’t trying to say he needed to develop a relationship with every spirit for everything, I was trying to say that it helps to understand the spirit and develop familiarity and an energetic resonance because doing so makes your work with that being stronger and easier.

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Ok thank you for the clarification!

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Sorry, it didn’t occur to me until I saw their posts above that I realized what I said could inadvertently mislead you. My point was also that with the spell that guy described was something I normally only see people have success with once they’re more experienced and close with the spirit called upon. Usually it’s more advisable to do an evocation rather than just killing three chickens and saying a prayer, that can work for people, but usually that comes with experience.