If someone were to remember their past lives after reincarnating

And I mean without the spiritual work. They just remember, how would that memory work and how would it effect them and their lives.

Like, imagine a child with memories of adulthood.

It would probably be traumatic.

extra information. which is a gift as it can help one make better life choices and know what’s important. The more life experience, the more knowledge you have. that is a resource.

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There’s already kids who are documented to have remembered their past lives without spirituality, they are doing fine.


Mine I’m not sure what he remembers but he does remember some stuff and randomly brings it up.

Frequently reminded he chose me by him :sweat_smile:

Mostly he needs to talk about what he remembers from his journey into this lifetime and it’s funny af some of it…


Look out, once you won’t be of enough utility later he might turn agains you :eyes: :skull_and_crossbones:

That’s like quite scary to hear that from your child :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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It’s hilarious :joy:

Some of it is just so weird

But he gets some stuff spookily accurate to what actually was happening at the time for me so must be something in it :woman_shrugging::sweat_smile:


Memories of our past lives have been prevented by nature. There is a reason for it, it is necessary that in the overall system of one’s life, one forgets most of the things that happened to him every day. Similarly, we don’t remember all the memories that we create during our lifetime. However, that which you don’t remember is not erased from your mind. Only the connection between your consciousness and that memory is severed.

For example, if a person lives for fifty years , billions of memories will be formed in his mind. If he were to remember them all he would go mad. So he remembers whatever is meaningful: whatever is worthless he slowly forgets. But your forgetting does not mean the memory is completely wiped out. It merely slips out of your center of consciousness and is stored in some corner of your mind.

Buddha has given a very significant name to this storehouse. He calls it the store house of consciousness. It just like having an attic or a basement where all the unwanted things are stored. Even tho the objects are out of your sight, they still remain in the house. Similarly your memories go out of sight, but remain accumulated in some corner of your mind.

It would become difficult to live if you were to recall all the memories of even this life. In order that the mind stays free to handle the events of the future, the past has to be forgotten. Since you forget what happened yesterday, you become capable of living tomorrow. This way the mind goes on emptying and it is able to look ahead. In order to look ahead, you must forget the past. Without forgetting what has already occurred, you won’t be able to see what is ahead of you.

Everyday a part of your mind must become blank so that it can recieve new impressions, otherwise how it can work? As the future arrives, the past disappears everyday. And as soon as this future becomes past , it disappears too so that we are free to recieve what lies ahead. That is how the mind functions.

We cannot carry the full memory of even one life. You won’t be able to recall anything if I ask you what you did on the first of January 10 years ago. You did exist on January 1 a year ago and you must have done something from dawn till dusk, yet you will be unable to remember anything. If you are hypnotised and a part of your consciousness is put to sleep, and then you are asked to describe what you did on that day, you will recount everything.