If self is possessed - how to do self exorcism?

If by invocations and prayers you become possessed, what are fail proof signs of possession?

If the person then is deemed, aside from psychiatry, to be possessed, how is a self exorcism perfectly and efficiently done?

If you want fail proof, you are in the wrong field, because magick is personal so it’s all up to you to make it fail proof. Or you need to get to the point you have a massive body of experience to draw on that gives you that level of confidence in your assessments. For beginners it won’t be fail proof, you have to practice.

Psychiatry is likely to diagnose all possessed people, as well as mentally afflicted people, with the same there’s no option in the DSM for “possessed, see an exorcist”. When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Josephine McCarthy wrote a very good book on exorcism, and the Parasites 101 thread here gets you started. Whether you have a parasite in your field, are possessed by a lesser entity, or have depression, it’s very similar.


Perfect, thank you! I do know in the Mastering Evocation course, a few different phrases used in different languages can be used as self exorcism as well.
Before I drifted back here, I was getting into spiritual warfare and deliverance in reading material along with my Bible of course.
But there is a very real rising rate of possession in the globe.

Really what makes you say that?

I wonder if that’s an actual rise, or the general rise in awakening allowing people to more readily recognise spiritual influences on their lives? :thinking:

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Probably the latter, though originally biased, certain psychological and scientific journals are pondering possibilities of demonic possession.
The Catholic council realized a growing rate of demonic possession with fallen priests

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Well, I can’t get into that as it’s political, but those guys have been exposed in the media this year and this just sounds like an excuse for bad people doing bad things on purpose. You don’t need to be possessed to be a low integrity abuser of the power you have. That’s very human.

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He’s probably seen all those websites by supposedly Christian groups that are advertising exorcisms.

I’ve seen those sites.

They remind me of those tv ads that say if you call in the next 20 seconds we will include_____ free with your Oder that’s a value of _____ but time is running out when this ad ends the price goes up so call now shipping and handling not included. Free ____ shipped separately shipping and handling not included.

Cuz those type of sites are the ones saying possessions are increasing (the sites selling exorcism services).

Add: I haven’t seen that claim anywhere else only on sites advertising exorcism services (or in ads for books written by supposed exorcists that are supposed to be tell alls about their secrets of the exorcists services published to get more people to get exorcisms from them).

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This should be enough of a warning for you. Don’t expect the “false western religion” to be of much help.

What Christians don’t realize is that by baptism they have already become participants in the so called “Western Mystery Tradition” They go on and on about occult symbols in society, government, and various groups, but ignore the fact that by baptism they are already initiated into the this stuff whether they realize it or not.