If it is a tree, then begin with the base

If you are going to really climb this and try to ascend it would make sense to start at the bottom. I don’t know a lot of the Qliphoth but seems very challenging.

So my thinking is that to work with it you start at the lowest point and work up.

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I know of someone who did it backwards


The demons that appeared to me after I first met Lucifer were higher up on the tree. So I’ve had to let Lucifer lead me down the tree so to speak. The way its worked out it I ended up halfway down. So I would have had to stop then start at the bottom and meet myself in the middle.

Another option you can study the goetic demons and envoke them to practice your skills. You’ll get to know them so it will be less of a shock for you when you meet some of them.


This is what part of my work with them has been.

I’m personally doing it from the bottom and all over the tree, in order, including the setian tunnels. I just know of people that bounce or do it backwards