If incubi can get a physical woman pregnant, can other spirits do the same?

i had a question, i read about succubus and incubi-
and i can’t help but wonder- if a incubi can get a physical woman pregnant, what about other spirits?
sorry if it’s a weird question, i’m just curious. .-.


In spiritual realm or in physical one ?

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They can do it too, other Spirits.


Ofcc they can do it :blush:
For example in some African tribes shamans are picking nicest virgins and they offer them to spirits… during the ritual ( which is happening outside for all people to see, that it is really spiritual ) young woman is having oversized cloth and dancing in circles, when the cloth will start to float above her head, she will get pregnant … i read a good book about it :ok_hand:t2:


The short answer is yes .
There are two different types of impregnations that can occur .
One that manifests and amalgamation of your energy and the spirits energy into a spiritual consciousness ( offspring )
The other quite literally is bending the fabric of this construct to create the genetic material to mate with humanity as they have done in times past however because of the state of mankind and our weakened genetic structure the pregnancies will fail almost every time unless carefully guided by the spirit .


I personally don’t believe it is possible. Those shamans are just blaming spirits to getting those young girls with child.

Its an interesting thought though.
And there is this…


alright, thank you guys for informing me :slight_smile: