If im constantly practicing spells?

Will that make me a better magician? Whats the best way to get stronger.

Practice makes perfect, but all the practice in the world will not make you better without the internal changes that must come along with it in order to progress.


Short answer yes. But enjoy the process along the way. Keep records or everything. Its a science so treat it as such.

Whats the best way to skin a cat? :thinking:

Stronger in what regard?
In what genre of magick?

This will be entirely dependent on your flaws as well.
The fastest way for a beginner to get better would be to work on the basics they suck at. For a advanced practioner it may require more analysis and less taking the hammer to the concrete.


Here, u can pay a trusty honest guy. A decent amount, to upgrade u magic. Tru peopls say get a book and finish. Not, or buy a great book or e-book, such Amazon kindle, read, choice u stile,and pratiqe, such a love spell, whit deities of diferent tradicions. A money spell, on grieg, roman or wahtever u want to call. Tat is wen u get better