If I were to write a spell book for college students


Do I really need to include a section on herbs and stones? I’d rather keep it as simple as possible. I’d rather mention their use but not require it.


Go with your intuition


Your book, your call. Though college students generally aren’t swimming in cash and crystals can get kinda expensive, so if the book is meant for college students I probably wouldn’t bother


I think just the starting basics would be best. I agree that herbs can be tricky to come by and without knowledge of what’s poisonous or not your readers could hurt themselves.


A spell book for college students should include a lot of spells for studying and passing extremely difficult coursework.


How not to be an insipid idiot 101.

That would be my offering, make a spell book that takes college students, gets them through college, and allows them to emerge with their personalities intact, preferably, without acting like total window licking morons throughout the entire deal.


Actually the rituals will involve an exercise in personal responsibility in signing a contract to the gods not to abuse power.