If I wanted to add new request to pact?

Hello, this is my last question for tonight…
Say I have made an agreement with a goetic demon and then I realized I missed a few other things I wanted…how would I go about adding those to the agreement we Made? Would I be able to?
Also would I have to wait until the first agreement was done by the demon In order to put in a new request? Or could I ask anytime…

@Lei_yeoja Talk to them about it. The Demon in question I mean.

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Talk to them like you would any other human (respectfully of course) regarding such deals.

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If you’ve made a pact i.e. a contract of some description then you should be able to have some form of codicil as you’ve already established a relationship with the Geotic God in question. It depends upon what you want.

Regard it as reviewing the terms.

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I understand okay Good to know!
I will talk it over with Sir Duke Dantalion.
Thank you guys…:blush: