If I thought I died during astral travel and panicked

If I thought I died during astral travel and paniced and have only astral traveled one time since then in almost 4 years did I do damage to myself?

IMO you will best be able to find out by embarking on training to astral travel again.


I just ordered the book to become a loving God, that will help me to learn it and do it the right way ?

Also when I lay down to meditate, I get my energy going almost instantly and I can feel the vibrations everywhere some times so intensely that it feels like I can hear them, it’s even carries with me when I’m not meditating. What is that about, what would be the next step for me to do with these vibrations!

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What is the right way…?
Is it what somebody said.
Or is it what you are gonna experience.

Well yea I guess there is no right way, but I mean help me to fix whatever seems to block me from astral projection, if anything is blocking me at all.

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I can’t answer on that book because it’s ages since I read it, sorry.

There’s this:

This got good reviews, a chance to dip your toe in maybe: http://obe4u.com/

There are also posts about it on here, i recall reading one recently, so have a go with Search here and also, use Google and add site:becomealivinggod.com to the search term, it will tolerate misseplling and also return results like the ones you seek, which the Search on here will not currently do. :smiley:


I’m gonna check it out now, thank you for your help.

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Don’t worry though. You are not alone in this field.

I’m currently also learning how to Astral Protect. Haven’t seen result yet other The this one experience I had. As I was laying in my bed, the celling began to go dark and stars manifested. Then some squid like entity appears for a short while.

I still have no idea what it wanted.


Yea for me it always just strong vibrations and sounds, I feel energy but nothing after that. It’s like I get right to the point of separation and then I get pulled out of it by my attention.

Our conscious mind tend to get in the way at these things. It wants us to succeed. But still it’s like “Nah, that can’t be real”

I’m working on establishing a better bond between Masculinity (Consciousness) and Femininity (Unconsciousness).

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Yea this is true, kinda sucks but it’s our task to overcome. I guess my first step is wisdom and knowledge in the form of enlightenment to really dive into my goals.