If I give candies to demons as offering do I have to unpack them?

Do I have to let them unpacked on the altar? I’d like to not do it because they can get dirty.

I just put a snakes alive in my offering bowl only 1 red one, now i just leave it there.

Umm, ya since you’d burn them as offerings… :neutral_face:

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I don’t have to burn them, according to others.

Umm then they are pointless, why would a Spirit want an un used, not even opened candle? It gives no energy.
But if someone told you to do it why are you asking here? The point is to get your hands dirty and give energy as offering, if putting up bling works for you however go for it.


Spirits can take energy from things without burning them.
Also you mean paper prevents spirits from taking energy from things?

I’m asking here to get knowledge.

open the bag of sweets and unwrap a few of them and put them in a nice plate and bowl , then put the plate on your altar.:cherry_blossom:


the best thing to do is to call the spirits , as them to enter your body and you eat the sweets as slow as possible so they could taste the sweets through you :slight_smile: same for food and alcohol if you can


If they expect to taste slowly the alcohol through me, then they’re up for some major disappointment! :joy:


Think of it like this, if someone gave you a nice gift in a box but forbid you from ever opening it or using it would you consider it a gift? Would you even have positive feelings about it at all?

Offerings to Spirits are just like gifts to other people, that’s the best way to look at it.

If someone offered me a candle still rapped and told me I couldn’t use it I probably wouldn’t help them.
What you’re saying is rude to the Spirits in my eyes and I’m tired lol.
If however you are not allowed to burn anything, get more creative and use electric candles or even other offerings.




I didn’t say candles, I said candies. I thought you misspelled. Learn to read please.

Candy…not candle. Hehe

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I read just fine thank you. I did misread that word however lol.
Why not just ask the Spirit in question? I’m sure they’d tell you if it bothers them or not.


Woah, hold up there bro. You did NOT need to be rude! I initially read it as candles too. It was a misread, not a lack of reading. Rude newbies!!!


Never given it too much thought, I’ll always open/unwrap food because I see my altar like a table I set up for my guests so they don’t have to take care of it. I am the host, it’s my duty to make my guests feel comfortable.


Yea I also read that at first as candles and I was wondering how they can get dirty…


If you are going to receive a response why start rebutting? The offering is to be consumed in some way by the entity by whatever method - fire or if you have a close relationship - you will be instructed to eat or drink as and when instructed and leave the rest.

I’ve read too many posts where people want to finish up the left overs, or want to give something they don’t particularly like. You expect a higher entity to work with you if you treat them like that?

Might work with family because they have no choice and make allowances for your lack of skills but not here.


I never give leftovers. I may not share in a meal or drink though I might be present and offer the meal or drink as courtesy. I made really good breakfast last weekend, and prepared a dish to share, and quick evoked to let them know breakfast was ready. :slight_smile:
I have noted, flies or gnats will flat out avoid a dish that is a sacrifice. I was hesitant to leave out fruit in my room to avoid that in summer but there was no issue. Period.