If I am stuck incorporating with spirituality, how do I get out

I am feeling stuck in spirituality while I was supposed to be in mind’s eye, what can I do?

It’s hard to go by your context. What is “incorporating with spiritually”?

Do you mean you have it hard to find balance? It’s not about getting out it’s about putting yourself in situations for a limited time then moving on… always shuffle what you’re doing with your time. Be versatile, don’t be stuck! Make change with action

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I partook while coming through on spirituality and now they are trying to get me in on a true no disdainment agreement and Everytime I have been made to so they go through me on torture, I am a Godji and a creed

Alright, so I’m honestly confused by this.
First what do you mean by Godji and what do you mean by Creed?
Second, what did you partake of? Was it sex? Was it food/alcohol/drugs?
Also this agreement, was to make you unworthy so they torture you?

I’m curious if this is a translation error, but im gonna give some advice that might help you out, im honestly not sure what this is. So maybe you need to do some cleansing work as well as some fundamental exercises in order to focus your energy to become the dominant one in this situation. There’s plenty of these exercises to look into, some just as easy as a visualization exercise. Also some grounding wouldn’t hurt.

your post is not clear. what’s spirituality that you speak of? is it a cult?

No not a cult, food is what I speak of on partake and occasionally drugs. By godji I mean I use to be a Creed, I’ve been mailed to a cross in a past life

I don’t think anyone understand your question if i don’t understand it. :man_shrugging:

First state a little background

Then rephrase your question.

Someone put me through on a past life regression and didn’t guide me. I evoked the moon back in 2017 that week long super moon we had. It opened my 3rd eye and I have no guidance. I hear the other planets talking. I hear the people I hear the animals bugs cars computers. They say I’m coming through on spirituality and partaking and that I’ve lost my spirituality. So through this regression I find out I am a very very old spirit. The first one the Indians put on a cross for coming through to them spiritually heavy for killing the animals. They said (spiritually) I was coming through on a mind’s eye anointment until the bugs came through and I couldn’t visualize a bug in my mind so they put me through a bugs nightmare so to speak. I could not see a bug ending up in a tire so they put me in one. I keep hearing clairvoyantly that I am coming through on spirituality and partaking and that a no disdainment true is not a good thing for me

Tricksters. Cleanse and banish.

Good, so you don’t need to be listening to anyone but yourself, then - especially not these beings that are probably younger and less experienced than you. Give it time, keep working on yourself, remembering and learning, you’ll figure it all out just fine in your own time.

Also stop the drugs, they’re not helping you, they’re attracting these lesser entities and you need to get more grounded.


This is not a word. Do you mean discernment?
Well, you’re listening to random bullshitters in the astral, so probably not. Get rid of them and fix your protections.

to strongly dislike or disapprove of (someone or something) : to refuse to do (something) because of feelings of dislike or disapproval. See the full definition for disdain in the English Language Learners Dictionary. disdain .

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Disdain. So you have no disdain for anything? Why is that “not a good thing”? Disdain is a low vibrational emotion, it’s not intelligent or useful.

Actually, it doesn’t matter - random entities telling you to lower your vibes and get get your hate on just reinforces that they’re the ones that aren’t good for you.

Yes I know but I don’t know how to escape them coming through Devily

I honestly thought I had won over my deamons beings they have been with me a lifetime

Don’t know how to go on defend spiritually

Banishing ritual pentagram, look it up, practice it, do it over and over again. Do it until you can do it in your sleep

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Total BS. past life regression isn’t proven to be accurate. you believe in the session that it’s overpowering you. it’s all hogwash. It’s all in your head. Your believing wrong info which messing with your head which may mess you up long term leading to mental illness of which your already showing signs of panic. Too gullible over session of what they tell you.
No such thing as losing spirituality.


Wise up